[SHIP] Typhoon Attack Sub

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[SHIP] Typhoon Attack Sub

Postby stylesrj » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:34 am

Admiral Terest in his infinite wisdom needed some new stealth ships to infiltrate enemy lines and deliver planetary strikes where needed. So with the help of the shipyards at Chiron Beta Prime, he got to work with the designs for a new type of Rebel Stealth Cruiser, the Spacemarine.
It was like a submarine of old, except it was built for space flight. He entrusted the command of the first ship, the Rouge November to Captain Marcus Rainier.


However, what Terest did not count on was that Marcus did not want to contribute to the slaughter of innocent civilians with planetary-destruction weaponry. He took the Spacemarine and immediately set off towards Federation Command, along with a set of stolen plans for the Rebel Flagship. The fleet quickly mobilised to destroy the traitor and prevent the Federation from acquiring those plans and the Spacemarine.

Thus began the Hunt For The Rouge November. Coming to a holotheatre near you!

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m425e ... marine.ftl
(Replaces Federation A)

Essentially it's an Artillery Cruiser. You use the lasers to hold off the enemy while your gun charges.
The artillery however is a Torpedo Launcher. Fires 3 torpedoes that move slowly and do 2 damage to enemy ships each, and twice that if they hit an empty room. So if you're lucky, you can crumple enemy ships with extreme ease.
Also uses the sounds from Red Alert 1 when firing and on impact just for that nostalgic feel.

(My 100 Sub Special)

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