[Ship][AE][CE ready] The Simo-B

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[Ship][AE][CE ready] The Simo-B

Postby Biohazard063 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:02 pm

After seeing a fellow Let's player struggle getting a foothold with 5thHorseman's Simo-V (numerous times), I started thinking if the concept of having a ship start with a Vulcan could be altered to change what seemed to be a heavy luck based start. The result is the Simo-B. So before going into this, this is not an original idea, but merely an adjustment (for better or for worse) I made to 5thHorseman's original design. I wasn't even planning on posting it was it not for some people showing some interest in it after seeing me trying this one out.
If this is in violation of a certain rule, by all means let me know and I'll (ask to) take it down

The Simo-B
Some genius thought it would be smart to install a Vulcan as artillery weapon in order to lower its power requirement. The crew of this ship is hoping he's right.
Dropbox : Link
Mediafire : Link

Much like the Simo-V, the Vulcan is your main damage dealer. And you'll have to go on the defense until it's good to go. Unlike the Simo-V it isn't your only damage dealer. You also have a basic laser to make those early Vulcan shots worth something. Meaning your cloak might be all you need to avoid damage. Besides that, the big difference between the Simo-B and Simo-V is that the Vulcan is set as artillery and you lose one weapon slot.

Positives :
* Only takes 2 power to run
* One bit of system damage won't take it out entirely
* Up to 8 power for other weapons

Negatives :
* It's a separate system (meaning you have one less system slot), no getting rid of this one.
* Doesn't benefit from manning bonus
* Can't be targeted manually and can't stop unless you depower it
* "Only" two other weapons

Other useful info
The ship replaces Stealth C

CE compatible but not required.

Artillery is capped at level 3 at 125 scrap, cutting 25% of the final cooldown*. This is done to compensate for the fact that it can't benefit from manning, but lvl 4 just seemed a bit too much.
*The -2 second chain bonuses are deducted first, then the bonus from the artillery level.

Issues :
Apparently the game isn't propaerly equipped to handle a ship with only 2 weapon slots. Making it so the auto-fire button just wondered of somewhere. You can still set single weapons to autofire using the shift+click method.

Showcase video's
Mayden Voyage.

Kartoflane : Creator of the Superluminal program
5thHorseman : Original idea of a Vulcan as starting weapon on a stealthship in his Simo-V.
You : For reading and potentially trying out the Simo-B.
Amateur modder and Let's player (with a substantial FTL and ItB LP featuring countless mods).
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A list of all my mods can be found here.

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