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[SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:11 am
by stylesrj
Rebel Command was pleased with their new automated shipyard facilities.
"With the automated constructor vessels building our ships, we will be unstoppable against the Federation!" Admiral Terest laughed, looking out over the shipyards of Chiron Beta Prime.
"Admiral sir, we've got these design specs for a new Flagship, just for you!" his adjutant said with a smile, handing the man a data drive.
"Excellent work!" Terest replied, loading it into the computer and uploading the specs labelled "Fagship.ftl"
He then walked away as the robots got to work, interpreting the blueprints and designing a vessel around those specifications.

When Terest returned however, he found this waiting in the shipyard:

"What the hell?" he shouted, demanding an answer from someone "I wanted a Flagship! What's this!?"
"Oh shoot!" his adjutant said, looking at the documents. "It looks like our engineers left a typo in the document and forgot to put an L there."
"We can't use a Fagship!" Terest stated "Admiral Tully wouldn't be intimidated by a huge flying cigarette! Forget it, just throw it out and start over. Bloody hell this ship makes me want to grab one..."

The Rebel Fagship and AI core laid dormant for quite some time, forgotten in the massive conflict until a Federation salvage fleet discovered it, and moved it to the hangar where they outfitted it for combat. They found that the life support system was designed for a large crew but the amount of ash and smoke inside the ship had overloaded the filters.
There was no time to replace them as the Rebel Fleet was quickly approaching so they reprogrammed the AI (Not too hard as the AI wanted revenge against the Rebels for being cast aside) and sent on a mission to deliver some important intel to Federation Command. Someone in a store could replace the filters and render the ship habitable to a crew again (and it'd be such an easy job that it could be done for a low price too.)

And thus begins the voyage of the Rebel Fagship. The Rebellion may have lost the war all for a single typo...


Download it here: ... hip_V2.ftl

If you don't want to read that whole story, the ship is pretty much an AI ship with a fire beam.
Can hit one or two rooms, does 3 damage, 30 second cooldown and starts a fire. Basic stuff. Oh and because the effects of passive smoking are in question, the beam doesn't actually do any damage to the enemy crew.

If the ship explodes, it's probably a hilarious death animation and if you can get Cloaking... it hides in a cloud of smoke!

It also has the AI Avatar Generator from Captain's Edition. Requires CE to actually generate AI Avatars though otherwise it's just something you can sell in stores. It also has Slug Repair Gel that'll fix up hull breaches rapidly and a Nano Repair Bomb to fix up system damage at the cost of missiles. These are to save time and probably can be overpowered or abused easily in game though.

Fag is a British term for cigarette. It also means other things but this ship means the smokeable. I've always wanted to create a ship like this for a laugh hence why the weapons and stuff are just... bad?
Since there is no crew, the game may crash during events where you have no crew and need to lose someone. There's a mod out there to fix it if you want to use it. You just gotta find it.

The Smoker Beam's firing sound is from A Strange New Galaxy by Metzelmax ( It's the mine launcher but I thought "it also could sound like someone puffing on a cigarette."

My own run (Version 1):

Biohazard063 did one (Version 1):

Older versions:
V1 - ... agship.ftl

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:15 pm
by Gidoza
HAHAHA so funny! Good job on that story!

And the ship looks pretty interesting and balanced, too!

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:13 pm
by stylesrj
Well yeah, it's just a flying cigarette with Rebel engines attached to it.
Have you seen what happens when it explodes? Superluminal lied to me when I set the gibs up.

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:16 am
by stylesrj
And I've done a video run of the ship in action:

Looks like I've encountered the main problems of having no crew on an AI ship and with mods that allow boarders to be AI avatars and Lanius.

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:18 pm
by TheBoss
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you didn't put slug repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:20 pm
by stylesrj
That'll be fixed in V2. I'll suck it up and put in Slug Repair Gel ripped directly from one of Biohazard's AI ship mods.
Easiest thing to do as Slug Repair Gel can't be destroyed by an artillery strike.

Re: [SHIP] Rebel Fagship

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:34 am
by stylesrj
Alright so V2 is now out. ... hip_V2.ftl

Slug Repair Gel has been added. And it shouldn't have those CE options (Thanks rannl and Biohazard063 for making that code)
AI Avatar Generator is added. If you're playing the ship in CE, it'll do what the AI Generator does, from creating crew to rampaging angry AIs if you're (un)lucky. If playing Vanilla, it sells for 15 Scrap.

Slug Repair Gel has a value of .5 rather than .25, so it repairs quite quickly. This will save on breach repair times.
I've also added the Nano Repair Bomb from Advanced Edition so it can save time on system repairs at the cost of a missile. Probably overpowered, probably not but again do you want to wait 20 minutes for everything to repair?