[Ship][AE][CE ready] The Scrapper S-063B

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[Ship][AE][CE ready] The Scrapper S-063B

Postby Biohazard063 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:16 am

With my last AI-ship,the Triumvirate, I sort of got hooked on the mechanics of AI-ships. But once again, needed a way to keep things... fresh, shall we say. The hull was my first big project in creating custom hull. Bits and pieces were used from construction and repair ships as seen on CE. The next big thing was another interesting start, I've done repair drone and slug gel (the Anomaly) and I've done a repair weapon (the Triumvirate). So, next best thing ended up being going with the standard way of dealing with hull breaches and system damage. Crew. Which isn't easy considering that in order for the game to regard a ship as an AI-ship, it can't have starting crew. Thanks to some big help from some great minds, a solution has been found. May I present to you :

The Scrapper S-063B
An autonomous scrapper ship designed by the rebels to salvage parts and scrap from decommissioned, captured or destroyed ships.
Dropbox : Link
Mediafire : Link

The story on this ship is easy. You're a scrapper ship built by the rebels to salvage parts and scrap from decommissioned, captured or destroyed ships. And that's what you are "armed" for. A breach bomb to take down strong points in the ship's hull and a small (read cheap,) hull beam to cut it up nicely.
Being an AI-ship it has the same benefits and downsides of them. Much like the Anomaly, it auto-repairs systems and has an automatic manning bonus on all possible systems. Which are pretty persistent. An example would be sensors which keep lvl 1 even in a nebula and a possible lvl 3 on the flagship.
However, unlike the Anomaly, it doesn't come with a repair drone. And unlike the Triumvirate, it also has no extra way of repairing system damage.
It also doesn't have the luxury of slug gel. So, be very careful at the start of the game.
Now, as stated, this won't stay like that. Be sure to carefully read the text at the start of the run and pick the blue option !

Other useful info
The ship replaces Federation B (planning on releasing a mod combining my three AI-ships.)

All systems are available for purchase with Oxygen being priced at 50. (rather than the default 0)

CE compatible but not required. Artillery is the Verdict focus beam found on the A and B.

Issues :
[*]The standard shenanigans from playing an AI-ship :
Loosing crew through events if you don't have actual crew crashes the game. You're fine if you "win the roll" (a.k.a don't loose crew). Fix
Crew can't be bought in stores but can be acquired through events.
[*]Getting borders who don't need air can be a problem, as you are not suited out to tackle them properly (early on). Though you may try to nail them with a breach bomb. Keep this in mind. Especially on CE as AI-ships can send over AI-avatars.
[*]Breaches are a problem early on. Following the path laid out for you is considered to be top priority. Lest you're willing to risk it naturally.
[*]Might not be USB compatible... :?

Showcase video's
Maiden voyage, to be added.
Anistuffs run (Older version)

Kartoflane : Creator of the Superluminal program, help with coding
Sleeper Service : For the weapon art, animations and original parts on the constructor ships
Meklozz : Major help with coding
Federation Scum and Anistuffs : Bouncing ideas back and forth and a bunch of spellchecking.
You : For reading and potentially trying out the Scrapper S-063B.
Amateur modder and Let's player (with a substantial FTL and ItB LP featuring countless mods).
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A list of all my mods can be found here.