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[MOD][Challenge] Sensory Deprivation[v06]

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:14 pm
by Gencool
                                                                                    -------Sensory Deprivation-------

Image  What is it?--

Sensory Deprivation, or SensDep, is a small, highly-compatible visual/textual modification for FTL.

It doesn't change any ships, events or weapons, but, by hiding select information, forces players to rely far more heavily on memory, diligence, and trial and error.

Image  So it hides Information? Like what?--

Glad you asked!

The Core Mod mostly deals with systems:
System room icons are removed, making it harder to track damage on your own ship, and more difficult to locate targets during battle.

Beyond that, each system is now categorized under the umbrella terms 'Combat', 'Supplement', 'Life support' and 'Ship'
You'll need to pay close attention to your enemies to know exactly which systems they're using.


Image  That's no problem! I know all the Ships' layouts off by heart.--

Trust me, you probably don't.

And even if you do, there's a few tweaks and modifiers included in the download pack to let you customize the challenge.
There's even a solution to your very problem - more detail after the download link.

Image  Anything else?--

Well, the core mod has a few more little challenges for you to overcome, like the health bar, which...

Y'know... I like to leave a few surprises for people - Maybe just try it and find out?

Or check out some let's plays if you really want to know what's in store for you.

Image  You monster.--

Thank you!


Sensory Deprivation is currently available on ModDB.

There's also a whole bunch of actual screenshots there if you wanna check them out.


                                                                                             -------Installation Notes-------

SensDep should be loaded with the latest Slipstream Mod manager.

The mod is designed to be highly compatible, and can be used alongside other mods. For best results, make sure SensDep is loaded after any other mods.

Should you wish to use any of the mod's tweaks or addons, they should be placed after the Core Mod.

                                                                                             -------Ship Scrambler!-------

The Ship Scrambler pack allows you to randomize the layout of enemy ships.

This doesn't effect load-outs, only layouts; an Auto-Scout will still only ever have Piloting, Engines, Weapons, Shields and/or Cloaking, but the scrambler changes where they're located.

The new locations aren't persistent between factions - Auto-Surveyors' piloting rooms won't be where the Scouts' are - but all ships of the same class will share the new layout, which may be some comfort.

The Pack contains 5 Scramble Varients; A, E, R, S, and T.
You can use as many or as few as you like, even re-order them; each time getting a different result (up to 325 variations!).

Examples (with SensDep turned off:)

Image Image Image

When setting up, please make a note of your load order as such; Scramble[X,X,X,X,X]
This way, you can share experiences with other players, and also report bugs easier should they occur.


                                                                                                      --v06 UPDATE YALL!--

Quick update here; SensDep now includes two new packs for those really craving a challenge;

Secluded Sectors, which removes Sector information when jumping from the Exit Beacon
Speckless Specs, which reduces the information displayed by weapons and drones in your UI

The Halloween pack, Scared Senseless, is still included, but as it's now December I've stopped using that as a main selling point.

There's also a few tweaks to the Core Mod, including a new Title Screen!

Go! Now! What are you waiting for!?

                                                                          -------Hey kids, wanna see a scrapped hull?-------

Check out these let's plays:

Anistuffs' SD Playlist, where he aims to beat the game with every ship while inflicted with this mod!

Stylesrj's first run with the Ship Randomiser Mod
Styles also just did another run with v06 attempting a Boarding Stratergy - it's pretty brilliant!

Biohazard063's Runs, using all the current addons, Captain's Edition, Randtrell, AND Flagship randomiser: First Run
(Note: on his first run, Flagship Randomiser was loaded out of order so the final battle isn't representative)

I'm also making a small gallery of Gifs on Imgur from the let's plays mentioned above.

Possibly more to come!

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprevation (Halloween!)

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:43 pm
by NarnKar
That health bar trick is exceedingly cruel.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:59 pm
by Anistuffs
Came across this mod in this post made on reddit last night. Did you make that post or someone else? Whatever the case, this is without a doubt one of the most brilliant mod ideas I've come across. It is so amazingly game-changing yet being nothing more than a simple visual change. Bravo Gencool :D

Anyway, reddit user mekloz did a run and posted a picture album and a commentwith their observations.

Now, I was planning to LP this but I noticed that mekloz pointed out some typos so I delved into the code and found some more.

In the misc.xml.append file, in the <!-- Misc tooltips that can't be in tooltips.xml because they are dynamic --> section, almost all the mouseover text line has the sentence "The is a defensive/offensive/ship system" which should be "There is a defensive/offensive/ship system".

And the other typo (well, it's not a typo but more of a discrepancy) was pointed out by mekloz in their album. In the tooltips.xml.append file, in the <!-- System tooltips FOR THE ENEMY --> section, the teleporter tooltip is different from the other tooltips. You may want to change that to be uniform with the other tooltips.

Other than that, this mod looks great. I'm actually about to start recording my first run. Will post the video here as soon as it goes public :)

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:09 pm
by stylesrj
Hmm... can I tip the scales towards the Federation while half-blind? Maybe I should find out :lol:

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:12 pm
by Biohazard063
Count me in as well.

When I'm done with the Arwing and the one planned after that naturally.

Guess I"ll have to dust of the Randtrell mod once more.

I mean hiding the icons is a great idea and all that, but seasoned veterans know where the shields and such are on their ship. And to some extent on the enemy ones as well.
Thought the interior images are a dead give away as well. Maybe get rid of those as well? I believe just creating a bunch of transparent empty squares the size of a 2x1, 1x2 and 2X2 room then renaming them to all interior images would work. Would be a lot of work though (and I know you plan on taking a break). And makes your crew man invisible computers. SpOoKy...
Switching the rooms adds some more mystery. Well, for those you can't man at least...

Feel free to ignore my rambles though.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:36 pm
by Gencool
All great notes!
Ani- tganks for the compliments and the heads up, I'll take a look at the text stuff tomorrow

Styles- looking forward as always!

Bio- idunno about randomising system rooms, but now that I think on't the room images could be fixed with a quick find and append, set them all to a single blank image...

Can you append specific flags in tags w/o changing the whole tag?

Maybe I could search ship bps which contain room tags with two specific numbers, (eg 1 and 4) then swap those numbers. Do this w/ all numbers up to ten, make four or five variants and have players load them in whatever order they like. That should about do it.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:42 pm
by meklozz
Gencool wrote:Can you append specific flags in tags w/o changing the whole tag?

I think you can easily use mod:selector and mod:setAttributes for this. Not sure if stuff like room 'direction' and 'number' won't give you any trouble (this is manning?).

Anyway, I wasn't sure if you read reddit, either, but saw another ship of yours with the same poster, so I just wrote there, hope you don't mind. Great stuff, really fun.

Oh, and I think making it too difficult might take away from it - right now, you have to pay attention and see what's happening, but if you erase too much, you're just asking for people to get hacking and have an easy guess anyway.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:55 am
by Anistuffs
First video incoming ... woot woot :D

Edit: Yes, I decided to make a whole new series on a single visual mod :shock:
Here's the Playlist :)

Edit 2: As I mentioned in my previous comment, you should change the xml.append files to xml.rawappend. I noticed a ton of text spacing issues in my run.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:29 am
by stylesrj
Here's me and Katatonik trying out the mod, combined with the Ship Randomiser for that extra Hard Mode Challenge.

I could make the game even harder by having a random, Captain's Edition ship, combined with CE and Scared Senseless Sensory Deprivation, although that might be for a Halloween Special or something.

Re: [MOD] Sensory Deprivation (Halloween!)

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 10:06 am
by Gencool
You guys are awesome.

Mekz- Yes, that's me, sorry I forgot to say. Just took a day off the net yesterday ^^
          Thank you for point out the rawappend, I honestly didn't know that that was a thing!
          I don't think I can fix the Artillery thing without changing all weapon descriptions to 'Offensive System' which - I mean, it's tempting, but...
          I suppose I could just have the Hacking tell you if there's a system there or not? Is that too much of a nerf?

          Also, yeah, I figured leaving the systems visible was pretty fair. Ditto for the consoles on the enemy ship. Good call - save me from myself!

Ani - That's awesome! Picked up on the stuff you mentioned in the video and just released a new update on ModDb.
          Gotta say, I'd have picked the preignite too (shame about the next jump) and the drone hit at the end! Perfect!

Styles - Mwahaha! I was hoping someone would go up against the random Flagship. Love the use of the Randtrel, hadn't even considered that!
          I admire that flawless knowledge of the enemy ship layouts, too ^^
          Oh, and Scared Senseless is just a different icon pack, it doesn't make anything more or less difficult, just, as Bio would say, SpOoOoKy.

Open to anyone:

Why doesn't this work?

Code: Select all

<mod:findLike type="shipBlueprint">

   <mod-overwrite:class>Targeted Ship</mod-overwrite:class>

         <mod:par op="AND">
            <mod:findWithChildLike type="systemList">
               <mod:selector room="0"/>
            </mod:findWithChildLike type="systemList">
               <mod:selector room="1"/>
            <mod:findLike room="0">
               <mod:setAttributes room="1"/>
            <mod:findLike room="1">
               <mod:setAttributes room="0"/>


I'm not sure if I'm using findComposite right, as I've not used it before, but I was fairly sure I knew what I was doing...

I was trying to find whether the ship has systems in room "0" and "1", and then swap those numbers.
The idea being that this way the code won't introduce numbers higher than the ship actually has, and that loadouts would be unchanged.

Thing is, not only does it not swap systems, but the class name doesn't even change. The file's placed and named correctly... I'm at a loss.