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[SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v014]

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:45 pm
by Gencool


It's been around a year since my initial release of The Tardis, which was sadly rendered unplayable with the release of AE.
This version has been built almost from scratch, incorporating lots of the features introduced in the update.
There is also far more content than my original attempt, so I have created a new thread rather than revamped the old one.

The mod exploits a few unofficial quirks of the game, but as far as I'm aware it's stable. If you do encounter any bugs, let me know.

Download links follow, with a full description of the mod below.


Available on ModDB:
Latest version: V011 - (Updated 10/Sep/2015)
V013 - (Updated 20/Sep/2014)
-(personal website if ModDB doesn't work; right click to download) -

-Older versions-
V012 - (Updated 16/Sep/2014)
V010 - (Updated 4/Sep/2014)

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Version History

V013 - Regenerated Regenerations
   Updated Startbeacon events to work with CE more effectively (many thanks to RAD-82)
   Made regeneration and the Doctorless Path options only available if there is no Timelord on the Tardis (again, thankyou Rad!)
   Minor tweaks to some weapons and drones
   Added a companion to the mk42 (type B ship) to make runs with it slightly easier

V012 - Civvies taken down
   (Civilian zones removed due to some major issues I can't figure out)

V011 - Minor Patches
   Edited Laser Screwdriver description to better fit FTL lore
   Changed Cyber Laser to fit with Chrono Vortex's Weapons Pack
   Altered Toclafane Generation choice text for flavour
   Changed Voluntary Regeneration event to fix overflow when The tardis has a full crew
   Fixed character name spelling errors in first Boss event

v010 - First official release for AE


  • New Crew sprites for Crystals
  • New Start and End game events
  • 3 Custom ships (Tardis mk40, mk42 and mk4X)
  • New weapons (Including artillery for both ships when playing CE)
  • New Sounds (lots of new sounds!)
  • Probably a few bugs!

Please load with Slipstream.
Load after gameplay/visual mods (CE, C'D, etc) but before the Low Oxygen patch if you're using it.

Post and let me know if you manage any of the following-
Survived the first event with no hull or crew damage
Defeated the Flagship with The Tardis (mk40 or mk42, plus one point for each different ending you get)
Defeated the Flagship without a Med/Clonebay
Used all versions of The Sonic Screwdriver



The Tardis comes in two variations -
- The mk40, which is my original take on the ship and closer to the one in the show.
- The mk42, which is built with standard room sizes to better fit the FTL universe.

The initial loadout is designed to promote tactical gameplay;
  • The Sonic Screwdriver and Cyber Laser can be used in different ways for varying effects
  • Your only means of healing crew is through teleportation (lots of running around on enemy ships!)
  • Limited crew, Lockdown, Remote-Repairing and Cloaking make the early run a very defensive one

I've seen a lot of people try to use a boarding strategy with this ship. That's not the way I planned it working, and isn't very effective in the early game.



The Paradox - the mk4X - is based on various incarnations of The Master, using The Paradox Machine as the inspiration for the ship.
It is designed as a more challenging version of The Tardis, and shouldn't be attempted before using either the mk40 or mk42.

It follows most of the same rules, but with some distinct twists;
  • Your initial loadout is heavily limited in terms of defense and stopping power - you must be aggressive to survive the early game
  • Teleportation is your only means of healing, but also your primary form of attack; crew control is even more vital
  • The backup for your single crewmember is all AI driven - Drones and Mindcontrol - making them a lot more chaotic
  • More starting systems, and only two weapon slots, mean there is little room for customization over the course of the game


There is a fair amount of additional content in this mod, here's a glance at some of the key elements;



Low O2 (the original mod that my custom graphics are based on. Please load this one up if you prefer the style of it)

Weapon Packs
Chrono Vortex provided some weapon sprites for the mod, and has also created a few thematically linked weapons (think Dalek Lasers, Sonic Blasters...)
Chrono Vortex wrote:booster pack
weapons pack

"The Booster Pack" adds these new weapons to the stores, giving more variaty to the main mod
"The Weapons Pack" unlocks all the Doctor and Master's weapons and drones for use without the main mod (Want to find a Sonic Red and Dalek Beam while flying The Gila Monster? This is for you)


"The Tardis for FTL playlist"

Biohazard063's Tardis Run; Part 1
HMV's Tardis (Hard Mode) LP

Stylesrj's Beta Run (highlights a few bugs in an older version of the mod)


Let me know if you have any let's plays you'd like featured on this page!


Cyber-Laser and Laser Screwdriver weapon sprites by Chrono Vortex (as well as inspiration for The Master's ship)
CE-Start beacon compatibility by RAD-82 (as well as helping tidy up timelord-less choicess)

Many thanks to Biohazard063 and Stylesrj and Chrono Vortex for participating in Beta Tests, offering ideas, and for being supportive throughout.

Also kartoFlane, Vhati, TaxiService, bas, Grognak, SleeperService, and the other giants of the FTL modding community who's shoulders we stand on.

Sound effects have been sampled from the following pages: ... unds.shtml

Ships built with Superluminal and Superluminal2

No profit is being made from this mod.
If there are any issues, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify them.


Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:47 pm
by Gencool
[Saved for future use]

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:39 pm
by Biohazard063
In the midst of recording the showcase (you'll see what I mean when you finally get to watch the video, should be on Friday).

Things to look in to :
1. A blue option to use the screwdriver(s) for the satellite system that has gone haywire (DISTRESS_SATELLITE_DEFENSE).
2. Regenerating when you have a full crew causes the text to go severely out of the box... Nothing I believe that can be done though.
3. On reaching sector 8, the dialogue : "Casey pauses to takes this in -" And the option reads : "Bring Casey into the tardis..." and "tell Casey to stay..." in all other instances, it is written Kasey.

Things noticed :
1. The starting quest beacon and start + distress one in sector 8. Nice job, really enjoyed it.
2. Level 4 teleporter = no cooldown. Not sure if intended, but is a cool feature (and very devastating).

Anyway, until Friday !

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:47 pm
by Gencool
Ah, spelling mistakes, my old nemeses, we meet again...

There's a couple things been highlighted in the other thread, too, so I'l prolly put a patch out some point next week.

I've avoided editing existing events, because a) it's a lot of work and b) if I edit vanilla events but not CE ones it may be jarring. If I ever add the Master/Doctor/Cyber fights in I may address this...

Level 4 TP's intended - mostly due to the original Tardis' single slot teleport, and that I've tried to discourage med/clonebays - seems like a fair trade off.

Thanks for the recap, glad you liked it! Can't wait to watch!

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:44 pm
by Biohazard063
Right, busy with the Paradox atm.

Things to look into :
1. "The master winces at the feel of blood trickling from their abdomen..." Guessing that "their" has to be singular. Problem is to what ? His, her, its...?
Considering the last appearance we had of the Master in the series... maybe just "the abdomen".
2. The starting weapon : "Laser screwdriver : A powerful laser-beam..." Bit of an unfortunate name and description considering a laser and a beam are 2 very different weapon types in this game. Firing it one makes it clear it's a beam but the description is a bit confusing in the context of FTL.
3. Whilst using the Corrupted aura to get another toclafane drone. The options read the following :

Code: Select all

1.1 *Drone here*
2.2 *Drone here*
3. I don't really need either of these.

Might want to change that to say

Code: Select all

1. This one *Drone here*
2. That one *Drone here*

Final note :
The Paradox has a pretty interesting starting strategy... The stunlocking of enemy crew combined with MC and lockdown. An interesting strategy indeed.
Also, the artillery : Great work. It looks stunning (pun not intended).

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:05 pm
by Gencool
All noted, thankyou!

I tried to avoid any his/her pronouns for the timelords - they can have long hair sprites and everything, so I may leave that as is.
Otherwise, the rest of this I'l try to address in a small patch before Friday.

Going back a little to the Tardis run, you said "2. Regenerating when you have a full crew causes the text to go severely out of the box... Nothing I believe that can be done though."
I'm a little confused on this - any chance I could trouble you for a screenshot?

Also, thanks again for the compliments! The artillery would've been better if I could have gotten the second system to work (I was hoping to have a twin system so that you get 6 shots rather than 3, with the two sets going opposite ways, but unfortunately I couldn't find a single way around it other than asking people to quit, load a second mod, and carry on, which would... not be ideal)

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:35 pm
by Yizzzy
This is amazing, I must say.

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:12 pm
by Biohazard063
Gencool wrote:Going back a little to the Tardis run, you said "2. Regenerating when you have a full crew causes the text to go severely out of the box... Nothing I believe that can be done though."
I'm a little confused on this - any chance I could trouble you for a screenshot?

Not a problem asking someone who records everything to get a screen cap. Although in this case I noticed it off cam and had to make it happen again.
I believe a quick fix would actually be to remove the Doctor first before getting the option to pick the next one.
So pick the option to regenerate -> Doctor dies -> Click continue (*)-> pick a new one.
(*) Which hopefully removes him from the crew list rather than it happening once the entire event is over. I think it will remove him when you click continue, but I could be wrong...

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:21 pm
by Gencool
Oooooooh, nice catch.

Ok, sweet, I'l fix that and then I think this patch is good to go. I'm hoping to put it out before you upload the vids, so any new people who come through it get an updated version.

Also, thankyou Yizzzy! Played it yet? How did you find it?

Re: [SHIP][AE] The Tardis (Re-Mastered) [v010]

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:16 pm
by stylesrj
You could also change the warning text to something shorter. [Ship full] for example.