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Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyer V1.1

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:17 pm
by FederationScumX1999
Alrighty, here's the code for the weapon's blueprint

Code: Select all

<weaponBlueprint name="ARTILLERY_HEAL_BEAM">
   <title>Med Beam</title>
   <desc>Powers a long-range, slow-moving beam that heals friendlies for 60hp. More power means faster cooldown.</desc>
   <tooltip>Artillery: Beam that heals friendlies for 60hp and pierces all shields</tooltip>
      <!-- Color only works for beams -->

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyer V1.1

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:05 am
by R4V3-0N
I think from memory beams do not like to heal. There was a mod like that awhile ago before AE (where some beam physics changed) but atm? nope....

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V2 [UPDATED]

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:57 am
by FederationScumX1999
Alrighty, so I finally release the B-layout. It's not quite as adventurous as I hoped, but I still like the idea behind it regardless.

Aside from fixing up the alignment of the artillery weapon and room size for artillery for the Reaper, I introduce the Deoxi. Deoxi may be familiar to those who have played with the Mother Hen, though there are some key differences to note. There is no oxygen, but you have the augments necessary for non-Lanius to survive so long as the Med Bay is powered. Aside from that, it's down to your boarders once more with the only weapon poised at the ready being the Healing Cluster Bomb which can ionize systems and heal your Lanius completely in a jiffy (or a year).

Defenses are buffed a bit so its easier to get your hands on level 2 shields and have respectable early-game dodge (even with just a pilot). Unfortunately, without any firepower, you cannot defeat AI ships without sacrificing crew. Fortunately, weapons are only 75 scrap.

If anyone gives Deoxi a spin, lemme know how it turns out!

Note: The floor seems to inch forward for some reason without my input. Just letting ya know that I noticed that oddity.

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3 [UPDATED]

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:40 am
by FederationScumX1999
So I finally release the C-layout, the Adder!

Taking some suggestions from ResidentEvil063, the ship utilizes a Reconstructive Teleport for recovery. This and the choice of crew strong arm the player into utilizing the boarding drones with the sole Lanius instead of going the Mantis-C route with a Lanius-(I wish I were dead)Mantis combo.

The beginning strat is thus: the Lanius teams up with a boarding drone of your choice to disrupt and kill the enemy crew (with the breach providing a nice opening). The Mantis provides security detail (important in an emergency heal trip) and back-up while the Engi fixes things, but both essentially run the ship initially. The Triple Chain Ion artillery is purely a support weapon meant to be an improvement over the Chain Ion and has great versatility without compromising any strategy you may utilize. The boarding drones, being resistant to both vented areas and fire, can make great partners in the long run for whatever boarding strategy you end up running with. It also allows you (at least early on) to kill AI ships. Indeed, despite the fact you have only one free system slot left, the ship retains a certain flexibility that encourages variance. Additionally, you also have upgraded doors to soften up boarders to avoid incurring an emergency situation too soon.

With all that said, I hope you all enjoy it. Lemme know what ya think if you give it a spin! :D

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.6 [UPDATED]

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:46 am
by FederationScumX1999
Finally got around to updating this pack, and here are the changes.

Reaper went through a lot of testing and layout changes. It took me a long time to come up with a layout I was happy with and, ironically, the overall shape is only slightly different from what was initially seen in Version 3. I toyed with the idea of using Hacking alongside breaching artillery, but I felt it took away from the appeal of having a boarder and fire-proof ship with 3 empty system slots. Thus, the artillery is now more of a utility-based weapon that can cause breaches on a grand scale, but cannot strip shields. How you augment it is up to you, but this choice of artillery was also a means of allowing usage of the Chain Laser 2 without making the ship too powerful early on. Don't worry though, the artillery can pierce one shield so that it can have some long-term usability. Otherwise, the ship is more or less unchanged gameplay-wise.

Deoxi simply had some rooms rearranged. I played a full game on Normal and it worked out smashingly enough, so no real changes there.

Adder had small changes to make the layout less bulky, but the big one is that the Triple Chain Ion was nerfed. Needless to say, three 3 ion damaging projectiles absolutely destroys shields, so the cap has been lowered to 2. It should still be powerful enough as a great support weapon, but you'll actually need to capitalize on its benefits rather than go "Well, I could teleport in now, but I've got an hour before the ion damage wears off. We'll see."

The biggest change is the inclusion of a whole new event featuring the crew of the Reaper, following their latest fleet action against a human colony. There are several possible outcomes for this event depending on what you bring to the table, but you can only encounter it once in an Abandoned Sector. I hope you enjoy it if you're fortunate enough to encounter it.

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.6 [UPDATED]

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:28 am
by NarnKar
I like that art on the Adder!

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.6 [UPDATED]

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:23 am
by FederationScumX1999
NarnKar wrote:I like that art on the Adder!

Appreciate it :D

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.8 [UPDATED]

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:37 pm
by FederationScumX1999
An update is among us!

I deliver the Swordsmaster as a Rock-Lanius ship and as an equalizer to the board-crazy antics of Deoxi and Adder. You've got a nice bit of firepower in your hands starting out, but are hamstrung by the lack of airlocks, Doors, a small Med-Bay, and cooldowns just long enough for the enemy to potentially derail you. Regardless, you are free to take a more gun-heavy approach and dominate battles of attrition down the line (or outright destroy an enemy before he sees anything coming) which should be a fun time for everyone burnt out on boarding shenanigans.

Also, a few events were edited to provide options utilizing the Celestial Missile. Deoxi has had yet another change done to its layout, specifically in relocating the Med-Bay and Teleporter to the center of the ship due to their importance. Deoxi also gets a 2nd human crewman so that someone can run around doing repairs or manning other systems (namely Engines or Shields) so that the ship does not have to be defenseless in case of an emergency.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.9[UPDATED]

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:02 am
by FederationScumX1999
A wayward update appears!

This update is focused primarily on subtle visuals. The biggest changes occurred to Reaper and Deoxi in that the inner hulls were edited with new paneling and shading to make it 3-dimensional. Minor layout changes also made between the Reaper, Deoxi, and Swordsmaster for the sake of accessibility (though in Deoxi's case, it just further highlights how vital it is to protect your Med-bay, especially against Hacking). All four ships now have smaller shields and glows (even the gibs have glows) to give them more polish in resembling the style of FTL.

Aside from visuals, two more options were added to the Lanius Deserter event. The more extensive change allows you to take a chance with a random crewman if you don't have a more suitable plan B with a level 1 teleporter. Second change is simply a repeated option in a different event tree for convenience.

As for gameplay, Reaper got a Leto missile launcher and Deoxi's third shield bar was moved into Engines to grant the player level 4 Engines.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Re: [SHIP][AE] Lanius Destroyers V3.9[UPDATED]

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:50 pm
by Vorewin