[SHIP] [AE] 686-Apollo

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[SHIP] [AE] 686-Apollo

Postby steamtex » Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:35 pm

Essentially this is Biohazard063's AI Cruiser 'Anomaly' (which I highly recommend) with a different skin and floor plan. It also trades in a beam weapon for hacking. Borrows RannL's SlugAugRemover modification (removes blue options should you have the Slug Repair Gel and FTL CE), so it should work with Captain's Edition. Sprites for the ship were based off of the AI Bomber and AI Station from FTL CE, as well. Has the same issues as The Anomaly, see below. The main reason I actually decided to release this was because I thought it looked cool, to be honest. And because it makes your pilot (should you get one) have to stand like the rest of the crew, instead of being the only one on the ship with a chair.

686-Apollo Replaces Kestrel A (The Kestrel)
686-Apollo was created by the Engi as part of a secret program to develop a new class of AI ships, capable of countering Rebel technology. The first of its kind, it is fully self-aware, capable of autonomous decision-making, and is self-sufficient.

Starting weapons:
- Burst Laser Mk I (Will potentially be changed)

Starting drones:
- System Repair Drone
- Anti-Personnel Drone

Starting augments:
- Slug Repair Gel

- The game will crash if you should lose a crew member in an event, and have no crew.
- Sensors will not be fully disabled in nebulas as the AI will still be able to man them keeping them at level 1.

Download v1.0

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