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Postby Silveressa » Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:56 pm

bobman279 wrote:Hello Apexmods

Couldn't seem to find any other way to contact you

seem to have come across a bug that may have been fixed earlier but is now causing trouble.

Recently installed this mod only came across it yesterday and when I have all the upgrades maxed out on my ship (cloaking, hacking, battery backup, shields, reactor, ftl drive, cameras, doors, guns + everything else) all systems manned btw, when activating the backup battery the entire game crashes, sometimes I got lucky and the save didn't delete itself but when activating the backup battery for a second time the game crashed completely again and the save deleted itself.

Just ran into this bug myself, although for me it only happened when trying to activate the battery inside a nebula it instantly crashed the game. (And like you, deleted itself the second time, though for me I had a back up from the last nights play session so was able to save my run)

Not sure what causes it since I've used the battery before that location (& after) without issue?
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Postby porcu93 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:16 pm

The game crashes because you have too much reactor power, something similar would happen with "The Potential" ship mod if there were ion storms enabled or if you activate the backup battery.

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