[Ship] The RAD Fleet vAE.1.1

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[Ship] The RAD Fleet vAE.1.1

Postby RAD-82 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:34 pm

Install with Slipstream Mod Manager

MediaFire Download Link AE.1.1 - Replaces all ships

You can use the Highres Shields mod by Splette with these ships.

Code: Select all

Initial release of Type-R Fleet-{WIP}:
-Five out of ten ships done. (Outdated)
-Zoltan ship starts with a teleporter and a clone bay.... BOOM!!
-TypeRFleet-WIP.ftl will be silently updated with the completion of each ship.
-(June 5, 2015) All but Lanius is done; file should be about 5.5 MB (Outdated)

Update for Type-R Fleet-AE.1:
-Ten ships in one mod!
-Made some minor adjustments to three of the already finished ships.

Update for Type-R Fleet-AE.1.1:
-Removed shield and cloak independence; size of file is much smaller now
-Removed Artillery from shops for CE users

CE Artillery Addon has been released.  Requires Captain's Edition to use.

Update for AE.0.53:
-Renamed mod from Type-R Fleet to The RAD Fleet; reset version number
-Added 5 more ships to the Type-A Fleet
-Moved 2 ships from Type-R to Type-A due to fiery tactics
-Integrated CE Artillery into main file

Update for AE.0.61:
-Filled the Type-R void from the last update with 2 new ships
-All incomplete ships have their new hull colors

Update for AE.0.64:
-Added the second Stealth cruiser; no new post announcement

Update for AE.0.71:
-Added last 2 Type-A ships

Update for AE.0.82:
-Added three Type-D ships; no new post announcement

Update for AE.1:
-Added last five Type-D ships

Update for AE.1.1:
-Compatibility update for FTL 1.6
-Removed bug from Mini-Bio and Mini-Fire beams, but now they can't be used for vanilla blue options

I designed this fleet because out of all the ships I've created, none of them used the hulls of the Federation or Mantis cruiser. Then I decided I should just put all of the cruisers into one mod, but make it so they look more 'normal' than some of the recolored hulls that I've done in the past.

Type-R Fleet Replaces Type-A ships

Kestrel Cruiser: The Falcon
Crew: 3 Humans
Starts with a Chain Burst Laser+, a 3-power, 2-shot laser weapon that will fire every 4 seconds when the chain gauge is full. It is sort of like a weaker Chain Vulcan, being more dependent on your weapon skill to overpower the recharge rate of enemy shields. Since it is slow to start, you have a Leto as a secondary weapon to help get quicker damage in and to serve as a buffer to the laser weapon should the weapons take a point of damage.

Engi Cruiser: The Infinity
Crew: 1 Engi
This Engi has some experimental weapons: a heavy laser infused with ion energy and a heavy laser mounted on a drone. This Engi also refuses to die, by using a clone bay with a backup DNA bank, plus a system repair drone and a system repair bomb to try and keep things running.

Federation Cruiser: The Harrier
Crew: 1 Human, 1 Engi, 1 Zoltan, 1 Lanius
The artillery has been fitted to fire 3 missiles, but they aren't just ordinary missiles. These are specially designed Hull missiles with an ionizing effect and when they hit a room, they freeze the doors shut. They are of Engi design, but the Lanius may have been involved in their development. The Harrier also has a Hull Beam and a 2-shot Charge Laser.

Zoltan Cruiser: The Arbitrator
Crew: 4 Zoltans
A Zoltan ship with a teleporter? At least it has a clone bay, to lower the risk of permanent death when fighting. These Zoltans support their boarding efforts with stun-based weaponry, but is that weaponry really helpful?

Mantis Cruiser: The Komodo
Crew: 2 Mantis, 1 Engi
Mantis are known for their boarding capabilities, and this ship supports that with a 4-man teleporter and a Reconstructive Teleport augment to keep the fighters going strong. Unfortunately, the Mantis had to trade their medbay to get this augment, so they may have to teach their Engi slave how to fight in order to keep it alive.

Slug Cruiser: Aequorea
Crew: 3 Slugs
It may seem like a buffed Man of War with the extra slug and teleporter, but the loss of the dual lasers may make your life miserable.

Rock Cruiser: Rampart
Crew: 2 Rockmen, 1 Engi
This old Rock cruiser has been refitted so that the Engi can showcase to the Rockmen some ammo replication technology.

Stealth Cruiser: Bubo
Crew: 1 Human, 2 Engi, 1 Zoltan
The Engi have incorporated their style of warfare into this stealth cruiser, making it dependent on ion weaponry to disable enemy shields and drones to damage ships.

Crystal Cruiser: Demantoid
Crew: 2 Crystals, 1 Lanius
Some of the Crystalline people try to push their limits, to become more anaerobic like the Lanius. The ship comes with a teleporter, and a crystal weapon designed to punch holes into ships.

Lanius Cruiser: Cristatus
Crew: 1 Human, 2 Lanius
The beam weapon... it extends... like a Lanius molding metal... but it isn't, because it shrinks after battle.

Type-A Fleet Replaces Type-B ships

Kestrel Cruiser: Yellow-Belly
Crew: 1 Slug, 1 Zoltan, 1 Human, 1 Engi
I think it's supposed to be a chicken!

Engi Cruiser: The Firenado
Crew: 1 Slug, 2 Engi
The Slug influence on these rogue Engi led to them cannibalizing the drone system to get their Heated Ion weapon online.

Federation Cruiser: The Phoenix
Crew: 1 Slug, 1 Rockman, 1 Human, 1 Mantis
Artillery for this ship features an intense fire beam which can also damage crew and systems.

Zoltan Cruiser: The Vigilante
Crew: 4 Zoltans
These Zoltans have taken to using fire-based weaponry.

Mantis Cruiser: Charmeleon
Crew: 4 Mantis
They don't have a teleporter or an Engi slave, but they have lasers designed to make fires.

Slug Cruiser: Tiburonia
Crew: 2 Slugs
These slugs like to set ships aflame with their Fire Beam, then use their mind control system to cause the occupants of their target to panic and fight each other rather than work to put out the fires.

Rock Cruiser: Moloch
Crew: 2 Rockmen, 1 Crystal
The Crystalline people helped develop the cruiser to study the Rockmen and their affinity for fire. It features a 'Phoenix' Swarm Missile launcher and a volatile crystal weapon to start fires, plus a teleporter to send the Rockmen into the fire.

Stealth Cruiser: DA-SR 13
Crew: 2 Humans, 1 Zoltan
The DA-SR 12 was a glass cannon. It has been modified to decrease the time your glass is exposed before the cannon fires, but the cannon is less effective because of the change.

Crystal Cruiser: Glint
Crew: 4 Crystals
They dream of having a teleporter, but until that day comes, they'll just have to live with their blinding crystals.

Lanius Cruiser: The Ludo
Crew: 2 Lanius
This boarding ship lacks any kind of medical facility, so it has to rely on some short-lived, self-replicating nano-bots.

Type-D Fleet Replaces Type-C ships

Kestrel Cruiser: The Sparrow
Crew: 1 Mantis, 1 Lanius, 1 Human
Four shots, similar to the Red-Tail, but not as good? Also has less crew. :(

Engi Cruiser: Avernus
Crew: 4 Engi
Drones? What's a drone?

Federation Cruiser: The Condor
Crew: 4 Humans
Ex-Federation soldiers that turned to the pirate lifestyle. Time to raid some Rebel ships and save the Federation that they abandoned long ago?
They get the jump on their targets with some ion suppression while they board the ship, and if things get out of hand, they can fall back on the Vindicator Beam.

Zoltan Cruiser: The Guillotine
Crew: 4 Zoltans
Not enough funds, but can still be deadly...

Mantis Cruiser: The Chameleon
Crew: 2 Mantis, 1 Engi
A Burst Laser Mark II and an Artemis Missile launcher? Federation colors? It must be the Kestrel!

Slug Cruiser: The Jellybeam
Crew: 2 Slugs, 1 Engi
Beam with pride, and some stolen Engi tech...

Rock Cruiser: Medusa
Crew: 4 Rockmen
Don't look a missile in the face? I'm not quite sure about this name, but for some reason, I want to keep it...
Starts with a lot of missile weapons and a cloak, but no doors or sensors.

Stealth Cruiser: The Athene
Crew: 1 Slug, 1 Mantis, 1 Crystal, 1 Rockman
Stealth boarding...


Biohazard063 - The Harrier - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Biohazard063 - Tiburonia - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Biohazard063 - The Jellybeam - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
CabbageJazzFunk (mr_easy_money) YouTube Playlist
BrenTenkage - The Firenado
BrenTenkage - The Phoenix
BrenTenkage - The Sparrow
Rand118 - The Infinity - Using the Unbalanced Mod Pack that is linked at the bottom of this post
Rand118 - Rampart - Unbalanced Mod Pack
Rand118 - The Guillotine - Unbalanced Mod Pack
Biohazard063 - The Komodo (Multiverse) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Biohazard063 - Tiburonia (Multiverse) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Biohazard063 - The Komodo (Multiverse) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
Rand118 - The Jellybeam - Unbalanced Mod Pack

Non-crystal custom weapons used in this fleet, plus more, can be found in RAD-82's Weapon Pack.
Custom crystal weapons used in this fleet, plus more, can be found in Crystal Cataclysm.

FTL, Slipstream, Notepad, PSP7
Google and the various sites that don't get named here (research for names, results not always satisfactory)
Captain's Edition for Artillery


MediaFire Download Link - RAD Fleet + Unbalanced Mod Pack

What is Unbalanced? Just lots of mods combined into one file to unbalance the games balance. Not intended for use with other mods, especially the ones already included in the pack, which is listed in the Slipstream metadata. Created so that Rand118 could have something more than just ships without the need to load multiple files and hiding down here at the bottom of the post so people can stumble across it and use it themselves.

Mods used are RAD Fleet, Crystal Cataclysm, RAD-82's Weapon Pack + Enemy Add-on, Infinite Space Weapon Pack, Limited Time Offer, Enemy Weapons - Unpredictable, Enemy Layouts - Mix-up, Overpopulation, and Corpses. I've also included some enhanced systems and altered a small amount of the English game text. I made a few compatibility edits for the pack, but I forgot about the CE artillery and LTO allowing the purchase of artillery. Buying the artillery without CE doesn't appear to crash the game, but it is a waste of scrap.
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet {WIP}

Postby theDoomBox » Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:26 am

I adore that color scheme for the komodo. Love the room layouts on most of these as well.
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet {WIP}

Postby R4V3-0N » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:59 am

The fed cruiser reskin is a bit off near the back: some of the original orange stripes are still orange...
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet {WIP}

Postby Awesome Warlord » Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:35 pm

R4V3-0N wrote:The fed cruiser reskin is a bit off near the back: some of the original orange stripes are still orange...

I will fix that

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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet {9/10ths done and on a break}

Postby RAD-82 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:42 am

Nine ships are done, but I don't feel like focusing on the last one right now, so I'm taking a break. I've updated the first post with some more information about the ships.

As for those orange stripes on the Harrier, I saw those more as warning/caution stripes, so I didn't feel that changing them to green was right.

Misc. words to better explain some ship names: Komodo dragon/monitor, Tiburonia granrojo, Bubo scandiacus
edit: Lanius cristatus
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet {9/10ths done and on a break}

Postby Russian Rockman » Sat Jun 06, 2015 9:41 pm

I love these types of ship mods! The ones that simply change up the original ships slightly. that's where a lot of the appeal of the vanilla game is for me. Great job.
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet vAE.1

Postby RAD-82 » Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:30 pm

Lanius ship is done and the first full version is complete!

I may perform an update for CE Artillery compatibility, but there is no timetable for that. I just know that I left empty rooms on each ship for this purpose.

edit: This mod includes copies of the shield and cloak graphics for each of the ships, but I didn't modify them. They appear to be bloating the filesize (~4 MB) of the mod, so I may want to do that CE update sooner than later. By removing these, the ships will become dependent on vanilla resources for the shields and cloaks, and the mod will then be compatible with Highres Shields by splette.

edit: Updated mod to AE.1.1, which made the the file much smaller (2.3 MB instead of 6.5 MB; sorry about that big file), provided compatibility for Highres Shields, and removed the Artillery system from shops so it doesn't bother CE users. I've decided to make the CE artillery an add-on that is dependent on CE, rather than integrate it into the mod independent of CE.
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Re: [Ship] Type-R Fleet vAE.1.1

Postby RAD-82 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:32 pm

Artillery Addon for CE users has been added.

I didn't download the CE resource pack, so I couldn't test the weapons. I do have a Full Systems Test mod available if anyone feels like testing the artillery.
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Re: [Ship] The RAD Fleet vAE.0.53 (WIP: 15 of 28 done)

Postby RAD-82 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:10 pm

The Type-R Fleet mod was supposed to be 10 ships that replaced the Type A ships. I never planned to make more, but I felt this thread needed a picture in it. That picture ended up replacing the Type B and Type C graphics of the ship select menu with Type A and Type D despite those not existing, because I thought it would be neat for it to spell my initials, which is why it was originally called the Type-R Fleet. It finally bothered me enough to start work on more ships to fill in those slots, so now the mod has been renamed to The RAD Fleet and I've reset the version number.

New to this update are 5 new ships. 4 of those ships are fire-based, so I moved the 2 fire-based ships from the Type R into the Type A so they will be together. During my testing, I noticed that the lack of artillery weapon blueprints didn't crash my game when used without CE, so I integrated the CE artillery addon into the main file. No more extra files. :D

In the ship select menu, you may notice an error in the text for the Type A(B) Mantis Cruiser. I'll fix that in a future update, so no need to report it. The game uses \n in the misc.xml file, so I just felt like trying to use it somewhere else and it didn't work.
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Re: [Ship] The RAD Fleet vAE.0.53 (WIP: 15 of 28 done)

Postby Russian Rockman » Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:28 pm

These are fantastic!!!! That's all I can say.

I wanted to replace all ships in the game a while ago, but was limited by my creative abilities. I'm so glad that someone else decided to do this. Good Luck! Keep up the great work!