[Gotta Get More Scrap!] Stores Buy Consumables

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Re: [Gotta Get More Scrap!] Stores Buy Consumables

Postby Sleeper Service » Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:06 am

I with NarnKar here, this is essentially a cheat mod that makes the game easiyer. The fact that consumables can't be sold was a deliberate design choice that encourages missile and drone use. It's not perfectly elegant and a lot of players seem to think that selling consumables should be possible, if only just for logic reasons. But it essentially does make the game easier and ultimately makes missile and drone builds less viable. So this won't end up in CE. CE already has a very economic way to turn missiles into scrap anyway: Mine Launchers.

Exchange mode would be possible, but that would still be an advantage the player is not supposed to have. Wouldn't necessarily make a big difference... well depending on the exchange rates it would make getting rid of consumables more economic, without allowing the profit to be spend on upgrades.

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