[Ship] Altair Defense Cruiser

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[Ship] Altair Defense Cruiser

Postby redlerred7 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:21 pm


Altair Defense Cruiser
This ship is equipped with heavy weapons and was designed to defend Federation capital cruisers.

Replaces Federation C

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Hull: 30
Reactor: 8

Shields: 2 (1 layer of shields)
Engines: 2
Clone Bay: 1
Oxygen: 1
Weapons: 4

Piloting: 1
Sensors: 1
Doors: 1

Weapon Slots: 4
-Heavy piercing laser
-Heavy piercing laser

Drone Slots: 2 (system not pre-installed)



Edit: apparently, none of the ship's images were appearing. Not hull, no floor, no gibs, nothing. So I fixed it
DOWNLOAD LINK (obsolete)

So, here we have my fourth ship (fifth if you count the two Reynos ships as different ships). Following the trend, we have another fairly overpowered ship, at least in early game.
Matching with the rest of the federation cruisers, this ship has a diverse crew and fairly powerful weapons.
What it does NOT have, however, is artillery. I originally wanted it to have two heavy lasers and the Flag ship's triple heavy laser but the short cooldown made it a bit too overpowered.

Well, here it is. Enjoy!
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Re: [Ship] Altair Defense Cruiser

Postby Squishybrick » Wed Jul 13, 2022 11:47 am

Here's my personal take on the ship, having played it myself.

Sure didn't seem overpowered to me. Then again, last few "custom ships" I've played had extra hull points, or some OP starting weapon,
or additional systems.

And due to some of the mods clashing, the starting weapons were glitched useless, which means I had to start this ship weaponless every run.

So for me at least, it was the opposite of overpowered, it was a "challenge" ship.. Best way I could correct starting weaponless was pray to
the RNG gods to get the correct amount of scrap to either buy a weapon capable of taking down 1-2 shield ships, or a teleporter and run a rag-tag
crew of mantis/human clone boarding.

Even then, either FTL was playing some serious mind-games with me, or you did something very strange to your ship, because I swear to god, this was

9 out of 10 shots by an enemy that ever landed would start a fire. And they weren't using modded weapons, or anything crazy, just normal lasers,
but nearly EVERY SINGLE shot started a fire in that ship, and the fire would spread. It was absolutely ridiculous, it's like your ship was made
out of friggen plastic or wood.

The room design was great at least, plenty of airlocks all over the place assured taking out boarding parties was always easy, but who on earth
would stuff the oxygen system right in the nose of the ship? I mean I get it, in FTL that doesn't really matter, but as a ship design it just felt

I guess my gripes with this ship are similar with that of the Acerbus..

If you're gonna make an OP death-hound of a ship, go nuts. If you're gonna make a ship with a very specific play style, but starts off dangerously
vulnerable in some areas, cool..

But just making a generic ship with no big strengths or faults just feels like a waste of potential.. But I wouldn't take my opinion too personally,
I'm just salty from being pressured to try and win with this thing starting weaponless every run due to my own silly mod config. My opinion of it
would probably be vastly more positive otherwise.