[Challenge Ship] Slug Sensor Array

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[Challenge Ship] Slug Sensor Array

Postby ZobmieRules » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:38 am

Back before AE, I made a few ships in the original Superluminal. Just recently, the monthly Nerd3 challenge thread was put up on Reddit. I decided to challenge Nerd3 to use one of the ships I made, the Slug Sensor Array. Quickly though, I realized that the ship needed a bit of an update for AE, and especially if I was presenting it to a YouTuber to use, so I polished it up its glows, gibs, and balancing.

"Unintended for combat, the Slug Sensor Array "Array18" was built as an attempt to scan and map the dense nebulae that the slug homeworlds reside in. Typically, slug-built ships don't contain sensors. This particular cruiser's various tools and instruments were the result of a deal with both the Federation and the Zoltan. As an automated scanning vessel, it was unintended to have an active crew. Because of this, the cruiser lacked both an oxygen generation system as well as a medical bay. With no other ships ready available in the hangar, your crew was forced to choose this ship. You had just enough time to slap in an O2 system, but now you've got to go before the Rebel Fleet overtakes the hangar! Good luck!"

The Array18 is a challenge ship. Its AI was programmed to run from combat instead of risking damage to the valuable on-board components. This ship starts off with full sensors, Level 2 Shields, and three bars in Engines, as well as a basic auto-pilot. This challenge is so you can say that you made it to the Rebel Flagship... with no weapons. That'd right. This ship... has no weapons. Good luck!!

If you have any critiques or criticisms (or a better upload site than FileDropper), please post them. I wasn't originally planning to post any of my ships, but I thought I better make this thread and claim my content before some random Redditor attempts to steal my work.

(I'd like to add pictures, but I'm getting the message "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." :roll: )

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Re: [Challenge Ship] Slug Sensor Array

Postby williamcll » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:58 am

the filesource is missing, can you upload it to somewhere else instead?

You could place a picture of the ship on sites like imageshack and imgur.

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