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Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:26 pm
by Sleeper Service


I am simultaneously terrified and excited. Time to get my ass handed to me by the Flagship >3

Random flagship is such a good mod. Possibly criminally underrated.
-User Otef on Redit

Download Flagship Randomizer 1.29 (MediaFire)
by Rannl (visuals by sleeper service)



Step 1

Download and extract the Flagship Randomizer .zip file.

Step 2
Image WIndows: Execute the .exe file.

Image Mac:
superarmandbros wrote:2.1. Open Terminal and type cd then hit space.
2.2. Drag and drop the Flagship Randomiser folder into Terminal then press Enter.
2.3. Paste this code:
java -jar FlagshipGenerator.jar -src_file assetList.xml
then hit enter.

Image Linux: Give the .sh file permission to be executed as a a program and execute it.

Step 3:
Select the build you want to create a flagship for. The available options are:
"AE": A randomized Flagship that uses mostly assets from vanilla FTL and Advanced Edition.
"ACE": A randomized Flagship that also uses CE style assets. Requires Captain's Edition to be installed.
"ACE-INF": A harsher Flagship seed for CE Infinite. Requires Captain's Edition to be installed.

Step 4:
Hit the "Build Random Flagship" button. The tool will generate a "Random Flagship" mod in the designated output directory.

Step 5:
Install this mod as usual with Slipstream Mod Manager.

The mod is fully compatible with AE and CE, depending on which build option you choose. AE flagship builds will not work with CE and vice versa. CE flagships will require CE to work. The mod is best placed after any other mods you might be using. Generate another Randomized Flagship mod whenever you want to randomize the flagship again.


Code: Select all

Flagship Randomizer 1.29
- Another attempt at fixing some bad offsets for certain phase 2 layouts

Flagship Randomizer 1.22
- Another attempt on fixing the 'spacious' layout offset in phase two and three

Flagship Randomizer 1.21
- Fixed a problem with the randomizer not saving the file path correctly

Flagship Randomizer 1.2
- Fixed a problem in AE builds that caused crashes in phase 3 of the boss fight
- One new possible boss layout added

Flagship Randomizer 1.19c
- AE build no longer forces the player to look at the secret data when traveling to a new sector
- "dense" layout: phase one offset fixed
- CE builds: Boss swarm missiles fire correctly now

Flagship Randomizer 1.19b
- Some typos fixed
- Some texts clarified

Flagship Randomizer 1.19
- Randomizer now remembers selected output folder
- Boss Plasma Thrower fire chance slightly increased

Flagship Randomizer 1.18
- Boss weapon combo probabilities fine tuned
- Fixed some missing boarding AIs in the ACE-Inf build
- Phase I boss variants with teleporters now use the sabotage boarding AI instead of the invasion boarding AI
- Fixed a problem preventing the boss from powering its weapons (?)

Flagship Randomizer 1.17
- Fixed wrong offset of the "spacious" layout in phase two

Flagship Randomizer 1.16
- Phase three cloak offset fixed for real (?)
- Fixed various room layout descriptions wrongly using the text for the "spacious" layout instead of their actual text

Flagship Randomizer 1.15
- Some code cleanup, tools is smaller now
- Better Mac support

Flagship Randomizer 1.12
- Fixed some problems with third phase cloak system generation
- Fixed wrong offset of the "skeletal" layout
- Fixed too low cooldowns of all missile group weapons

Flagship Randomizer 1.1
- Selectable Infinite build added
- "Look at data" options fixed for real this time

Flagship Randomizer 1.0
- "Look at data" options fixed
- Possible drone system power for phase one nerfed to prevent the flagship from using multiple high tier drones simultaniously

Flagship Randomizer 0.71 (Beta)
- Added a weight of x3 for ion, beam and NHD weapons
- Some problems and inconsistencies with the "massive" room layout fixed

Flagship Randomizer 0.65 (Beta)
- Fixed: Wrong door links across all possible layouts

Flagship Randomizer 0.6 (Beta)
- GUI added
- Selectable AE/ACE builds added
- Five more possible room layouts added
- Room layout descriptions expanded
- "Engines Disconnected" layout fixed
- Boss Anti-Bio Beam cooldown decreased
- Boss Focus Beam visuals adjusted
- Flagship main guns (the ones that remain till phase three) will only draw from the missile/laser pool now

Flagship Randomizer 0.4 for CE (Beta)
-Update to random generation tool (output file name can be configured by changing the value of the attribute outputName in the assetList.xml file).
-1st augment is now based on the type of random system generated, and will be described as an attribute of the system at the starting event.
-Phase 3 Combat Aug options fixed
-Flagship data can be read at any sector entrance beacon now

Flagship Randomizer 0.3 for CE (Beta)
-Fixed shifted cloaking images.
-Added fix to 3rd phase event text.
-Added support for multiple predicate keys for each asset.
-Weapon selection now limited to no more then 2 Non Hull Damaging weapons.
-Weapon selection now limited to no more then 1 unique weapon (arti laser, since it has extremly limited shield breaking abilities).
-Augment offensive selection updated - removed auto loader, added explosive replicator and zoltan bypass.
-Added Mod Info asset - adds the mod-appendix directory with a metadata.xml file describing the output .ftl file

Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE (Beta)
- Initial CE only release

What do we have here?
The Flagship Randomizer is a small program that randomizes the flagship by combining a huge amount of different layouts, systems, weapons, drones and augments. It can create a large range of unique boss fights for FTL. Do you consider yourself an experienced FTL player? Have you beaten the flagship so often that the fight has become almost trivial for you? Are you looking for a new challenge? Then the Flagship Randomizer might be something for you.

The possible boss weapons (gif quality, ingame appearance might differ)

How does this work?
The Flagship Randomizer is not a mod itself. It is a tool that creates a mod for you. We can not randomize the flagship ingame, so rann coded a program that pieces together a large amount of possible boss components to create a randomized boss. The program then creates a ready to use Random Flagship .ftl file, which can be installed like any other mod. If you want the Flagship to be truly random you might want to create a new Random Flagship mod for each run you play.

Some crazy stuff you could possibly do with this system:
- Keep a certain randomized boss till you beat it
- Archive certain randomized bosses for later use
- Share a particular randomized boss with other players

What is the difference between the various builds that can be selected?
Selecting "AE" in the tool will generate a randomized flagship that only uses vanilla style weaponry. Turning AE on is kind of required for this to work.
The "ACE" option will generate a randomized Flagship that requires FTL Captain's Edition to be installed. ACE flagships can have many additional CE-style boss weapons and also use other CE assets.
"ACE-INF" flagships will be slightly more aggressive and overall stronger to provide an ample endgame challenge for CE Infinite runs.

How difficult will the fight be? Is it harder or easier than vanilla?
Stuff the tool randomizes includes the flagships layouts, its weapons and which systems it has available in each phase. The vanilla assets are still part of the mix as well, but won't be prevalent. The addition of a single set of augs for all phases is an outright buff for the boss and some room layouts are also stronger than the original. Most possible boss weapons have about the same DPS as vanilla originals of the same weapon type. Their firing cycles are largely unchanged. Still, the weapons do different things and can have completely new synergies. Overall the boss is going to be harder, although occasionally it might also have stronger weak points.

How can I even beat a randomized boss?
Having to face a completely random boss with the mod is not as daunting as it sounds, because the Random Flagship mod won't leave you completely in the dark. At the beginning of the game you will get a chance to look at the secret data you are carrying, giving you information on the flagships layout, weapons, equipment and so on. This creates a unique meta-mission for each randomized flagship playthrough. You'll know what your random flagship will throw at you during this particular run and, as in vanilla, you can try try to prepare for it. The program also has some safeguards that will prevent it from creating extremely strong (or weak) flagships, so you'll never have to face a boss with four missile launchers and a defense scrambler, or similar monstrosities.

Thats it for now. Big thanks to rannl who initialized this project and did most of the work. I recommend you all check out his ship radomizers as well. They take the concept of externally randomizing FTLs content to a whole new level.

Have fun with your randomized flagship battles. :)

Enjoying you free game content? Want to show your appreciation and support my work?




Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:31 pm
by NarnKar

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:53 pm
by Russian Rockman
Thank you again for actually making this happen guys!!!

Big thanks to rannl! I knew only he could make this happen.


Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:57 pm
by NarnKar
Question: what if I install this mod midway through a playthrough? I'm in sector 6ish-level deepspace. Will I be able to see what the Flagship has? Will it mess up the playthrough?

Problem: the randomly generated FTL file's blueprints.xml.append looks like this:

Code: Select all

<weaponBlueprint name="FR_ARTILLERY_BOSS_1">
<title>Boss Breach Missile</title>
<short>Boss Breach Missile</short>
<desc>Artillery that fires 3 missiles that deal 1 damage.</desc>
<tooltip>Fires 3 missiles; 1 damage each; pierces all shields.</tooltip>
<!--<desc>Power Req: 3    Fires 2 missiles that pierces through all shields and deals 2 damage. Consumes 2 missile per shot.</desc>-->

without any indents. Is that bad?

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:02 pm
by Sleeper Service
I can guarantee it but I pretty sure this will actually work. Maybe backup your save before you go to the final sector? You won't get to know what the flagship will have in store though. Might not be a big problem if you max out in deep space before going to the fight. You could also just extract the mod and read what is in events.xml.append. ;)

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:04 pm
by NarnKar
Edited my above post. I think the weapon blueprints are generated incorrectly?

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:05 pm
by rannl
I hope you guys enjoy this tool :)
A big thank you for Sleepy who made the tool possible. Your the Captain of Captain's edition.

Don't worry about the identation NarnKar, it isn't an issue XML-wise.

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:13 pm
by rannl
Russian Rockman wrote:Thank you again for actually making this happen guys!!!

Big thanks to rannl! I knew only he could make this happen.


I've said it before and I'll say it again : Your a Rockman and a Gentleman :D

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:45 pm
by Nider_01
Looks like the cloacking image is bugged

Re: [Beta Phase] Flagship Randomizer 0.1 for CE

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:53 pm
by Nider_01
You should also change description for the last phase. It says that enemy crew is leaving the ship while it hasn't teleport system installed :D