sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby Killercorn » Sat May 18, 2019 6:10 pm

i don't know what im doing wrong here, can you help?

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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby meklozz » Thu May 23, 2019 6:45 pm

Killercorn wrote:i don't know what im doing wrong here, can you help?

The error is from trying to install 1.6 addons on the old Alpha pack I believe. You should try not mixing the files from the new and old download if you can help it. Especially the alpha smpk for advanced edition shouldn't be ticked, best just remove all the mod files and download again so you can easily tell them apart.

Not sure if you're around this thread but there are some graphical issues, so far I saw badly aligned UI in the loading screen, options menu, store menu for drones. There might be some more but that's all that jumped out at me.

I also have a nitpick or three, one, sector map hover tips seem even longer/bigger? It's already kinda a pain since the update on vanilla. Two, is it intended for the insurrection text in the corner to blink when ftl drive/engine are broken? Three, why does the flagship look weird? Kinda lower than all other ships which are sort of centered.
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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby Flypaste » Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:08 pm

Is this still in active development? I'd love for CE infinite compatibility. I seem to recall it being a thing a couple years ago.
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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby FearTheBlaziken » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:04 am

Flypaste wrote:Is this still in active development? I'd love for CE infinite compatibility. I seem to recall it being a thing a couple years ago.

There used to be in an old version of the kit (before slow converted the CE patch to Captain's Remix), but it is likely unusable.

It seems that this mod has gone silent for quite a while, but I want to break it up as there are couple of issues that affect its gameplay.

Code: Select all

* When Insurrection is installed WITHOUT the Named Weapons Module, the Slug Home Nebula's storm beacon event list has the wrong name ("STORM_SLUG" instead of "NEBULA_STORM_SLUG"), causing crashes to occur in this sector.
* The Rock Live Mine and Engi Virus are supposed to roll an outcome for "evasive manoeuvres" and purging "the system code". But instead of leading to a new event list, it has the outcomes in adjacent event tags, meaning that only the first outcome occurs.
* Due to the addition of duplicate sectors for the AE weapon biases, having Ruwen in the Rock Homeworlds would not mark the Crystal Sector entry beacon when AE is enabled. I would suggest re-introducing the Crystal Uplink from the pre-AE sMPK as a blue option marker, as it would also help nerf the Crystal Cruisers (with the augment included with the vanilla Rock C, unless you want crystal vengeance to also trigger the beacon too).
* In Insurrection's Phase 3 with enough enemy crew, the Internal Drones would overflow to the teleporter room, meaning that until systems are damaged, the teleporter cannot be used fully or at all. I would suggest swapping the teleporter and the oxygen systems to mitigate this.
* When Insurrection's Phase 3 spawns a Hazard, the icon will intercept with the power surge warning. I would suggest moving the icons below the Affinity/Relationship text to prevent this (also applies to Remastered HUD).
* The Signature Crystal Lockdown Bomb is missing its lore text when hovered over.

The following points are suggestions rather than issues. But IMO, they would make the mod feel more complete:
* The developers originally wanted Slug Ships to equip a Breach Bomb, but the blueprint name was incorrect (and would instead equip a basic laser IIRC). The mod has removed this faulty name from their equipment list, but with the addition of a Mark I Breach Bomb (old Mark I is renamed Mini), the Slugs are able to have an appropiate exclusive weapon.
* In the Named Weapons Module, you can currently get both the Taboo and Named weapons from the Stealth Cruiser quest as you can kill the Fake Messenger and get info from the real one. I would suggest change the Taboo weapon's requirements to require destroying the real messenger (crew kills should lead to quest continuing).

Throughout this year, I have made my own patch for Insurrection (and add-on patches for NWM and the recent Hyperspace hard-mod) that resolves the above, fixes a few personal nitpicks with the mod, and alters some aspects in regards to what slow had planned for the next update. If anyone is interested, I'll put a link to download them below.

Download my Insurrection Patches Here

Edit: Found several more bugs and/or issues with the kit.

Code: Select all

* Base Kit: The EQUIP_FULL event is missing from events.xml, meaning that after the cargo (and extra beacon slot) is full, another item will crash the game.
* Base Kit: stretch_not_supported, error_manual_resolution, error_native_fullscreen, error_framebuffer_stretch, and error_framebuffer are missing from text_misc.xml.
* Base AWM: The Breach Missile blue option for a Crystal Event (CRYSTAL_CACHE) won't accept the augmented versions of the weapon.
* sMi AWM: The High-Yield Astra Missile used by Engi Enemies can one-shot your crew (a typo with persDamage?).
* sMi AWM: The Ionic Vulcan doesn't have its lore tooltip.

* NWM: The Named Lockdown Bomb, Helios Missiles, and Hellfire Missiles don't have a sell price of 60 like other named weapons.
* NWM: The Named Repair Bomb (an AE 'weapon') can be recieved from the Holo Sector Guardian even with AE disabled.
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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby Crankytoaster » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:54 pm

I have been having this error message pop up and nothing seems to be able to fix it, can anyone help me?
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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby slowriderxcorps » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:52 am

It's honestly deeply humbling to see outside support continuing for my work despite quite the lengthy period of radio silence. I'm deeply thankful for the help.

As for the reasoning... that's come down to one main thing. This would be ongoing problems with my desktop that would eventually force me to have to reinstall the entire operating system twice, and eventually also replace many different parts of the computer in order to fix hard drive problems that had been plaguing me for well over a year. As it turns out, they were being caused by a... dodgy Power Supply. But as a result of having to reinstall W10 and refresh all my drives, all the progress and preparation I had for one final update was lost. That kind of destroyed my motivation to try and restart work on the update, knowing I could end up losing it all again. Not to mention that as it stands, I've ended up leaving Insurrection in a condition that could be considered a 'final form, feature full'.

Clearly not though, given what's been pointed out to me as well as me mentioning that final planned update. This would involve two main things: an extension to what the Restoration Toolkit can do (which isn't hard, just incredibly long and tedious to type up), and most importantly a redesign of the final sector. If I find the drive to work on these, I'll try to let these come to fruition. But for now, I'll smack the little bugs that have been pointed out with a mallet.
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Re: sM Polish Kit: Insurrection v1.6 [CE Support + Modules]

Postby protoplm » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:20 am

I wanted to add to the large list here and just thank you for the work done on this. I love the changes. I'm using insurrection without NWM. The mod works like a charm, no crashes and I haven't noticed any bugs. It feels like just like FTL except it rebalanced the aspects that made the game feel formulaic. I find myself actually making decisions with the game, though some of the niche items still feel rather weak I'll wind up in spots where I'm using them anyways because that's what it's given me. Playing only on hard I used to consistently make it to the last stage in the base game and I can rarely get past 5 here. It feels a lot more difficult and in a game that has difficulty options, that's a bonus.

Whether or not you continue to add to this, it'll keep me playing FTL for a long time to come.

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