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by buzzyrecky
Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:51 am
Forum: Mod Development
Topic: [Modding]Creating your own weapons
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Re: [Modding]Creating your own weapons

Wouldnt the shops/loot function for the weapons just be setting the rarity to anything but 0?

Also, if you could clarify what the bp/sp in the weapon stats is, I'd be appreciative. I'm trying this weapon stuff out for the first time and having a blast... hopefully it works.
by buzzyrecky
Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:29 am
Forum: Working Mods
Topic: [MOD] Law's arsenal of Mods and Overpowered Weapons!
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Re: [MOD-W][WIP] Ion Beam

I tested it out, and since its set up the way it is instead of as an actual weapon, it didn't seem too overpowered. Well, it probably is, but its not horribly broken like it couldve been
by buzzyrecky
Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:24 am
Forum: Mod Development
Topic: [Tool] ftldat r7
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Re: [Modding] Packing and unpacking data.dat and resource.da


Don't know if it's already being done, but I want to make a mod just for myself with plenty of new events, so there's a fresher variety. (It would be cool if we had a huge community effort where everyone contributed events to compile into one data.dat, but that sounds like a lot of work so idk)