Will my pilot survive this?

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Will my pilot survive this?

Postby mikejobs » Wed Aug 28, 2019 4:50 am

I'm trying for the Hazardous Mechs achievement for finishing 4 islands with no mechs dead at the end of any battle. flats in borivali east

I'm in a situation where in order to complete the mission parameters, and prevent grid damage, I need to kill one more Vek. I've already used my reset. Two of my mechs are waaaay down in the corner. flat for sale in chembur
My only hope is moving one mech adjacent to the last Vek, who is at one HP, and then pushing it into the Vek to kill it. But the damage of jumping into the mech to move it is enough to kill it. So the question is this: When Viscera Nanobots activates, will it heal a mech that killed a Vek by being shoved into it, or will it heal the mech that did the shoving? flats in mahim

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