FTL The Final Voyages of the U.S.S Kestrel

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Re: Jump 2 (part 3): Paying the Toll

Postby therunawaybros615 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:46 pm

Mr. Bibb wrote:Elwood grabbed the intercom, shouting into it "Get out! Garland! GET OU-" the explosion cut him off, booming loudly throughout the ship. The Kestrel lurched, causing Elwood to stumble and drop the intercom. He picked it up quickly, calling into it, but his own voice sounded distant and far off; only a ringing filled his ears. Lowering the intercom slowly, the captain looked to the control console. A single red light blinked over the engine, signifying the extent of the damage. Power cycled uselessly through the ship's systems, still routing into the dead engine as the Kestrel began to drift.

Faintly he began to hear Jon yelling after Garland, but the intercom only came back with static. The Captain looked up, watching out the window of the ship. The Mantis vessel, coloured a vibrant shade of crimson and splashed with pirate warpaint, was now beginning to pull away from the federation ship.

Jon slammed the controls.
"Dammit!" He snapped, jumping from his chair "I'm going after him! We have to see! He might still be oka-"
"You'll do NO such thing, soldier!" Elwood yelled. "Stay at your post!"
"B-but Captain…!" Jon stuttered, "Look! The pirates, they're fleeing, they're pulling away from us!"
"That's because we're dead in the water!" Elwood retorted, "For all we know they're just circling around for another attack!"
"We don't know that, Captain!"
"They're almost out of your range, officer! Fire! Fire now! That's an order!" Elwood roared, "Shoot those motherless dogs down!!"

Jon swallowed and quickly sat back in his chair; his fingers tapped swiftly across the keys before he grabbed hold of the joystick and took aim.

Elwood watched from the bridge, slowly putting his hands behind his back. Neither he, nor his communications officer, knew anything about engine repair. He watched as the missile glided silently through space, passing through the shield of the pirate vessel. He watched it explode with a flash as the ship spun from impact. The pirate's shielding flickered and went offline. Elwood tightened his grip; he knew that this was his last order as Captain. Without a working engine they could only drift, helpless, through the great void of space. Brilliant crimson bolts streaked from their vessel, striking the defensive pirates mercilessly, destroying their weapon control systems. Elwood frowned, Jon had turned out to not be a bad shot in the end. Perhaps they could destroy a vessel or two of the Rebel Armada when it caught up to them. The thought failed to comfort him, however. Their hope, along with that of the federation, had died with Garland.

"David!" Jon finally called. Elwood's attention was suddenly torn from the window; he looked down at his controls, seeing the flashing light on his monitor. He raised an eyebrow, curious, and answered the hail. The view screen became flooded with the view of the pirate's bridge, red lights were flashing in the background.

"Greetings, Captain," The Mantis hissed, somewhat nervously, "You have admirable piloting skills. Had we known the federation still housed such a… commendable force, we wouldn't have been so quick to move into this sector."

Elwood didn't respond. He stared at the screen, silently watching, judging. He wasn't sure if Mantis could sweat, but this one was undoubtedly on edge.

"What say we make a deal?" The pirate hastily continued. "Half of all our loot, and we'll go our separate ways. Live to fight another day, and all that?"

Elwood continued to stare, unflinching.

"Well…? D-do we…? All right, we'll split it 70/30, you drive a hard bargain, Captain but…. But…"

Elwood still didn't respond, but his breath was getting quicker and quicker.

"A-All right! All of it! Take all of it! We lost! We're sorry! We'll leave and never come back! J-just…! Say something! Say SOMETHING damn you!”

The captain gripped the sides of the control console tightly and he slowly leaned forward.
"The Federation," He growled through gritted teeth, "Does not Negotiate-" The Mantis suddenly had a look of terror on his face, "With Pirates,"

"Wait! You ca-!" Elwood closed the hailing frequency.
"You may fire when ready, Officer," He added simply before looking back out the window.
"Aye… Captain..." Another volley burst from the Kestrel, striking the surface of the pirate ship. It cracked, a breach formed, and metal slowly began shearing as the vacuum of space began its own attack. The ship tore into pieces, small fires swirled in the last of the oxygen before being forever snuffed, the same as the lives of those onboard who were pulled into space. Human or not, their bodies would drift for countless eons, disgraced and abandoned, until in millennia gone by they would feel the faint pull of a planet or star, wherein they would burn and become truly nothing.

Elwood stopped watching, taking his hands from behind his back. He found his cold blooded vengeance had done nothing to ease the pain of futility that now enveloped their mission. Sliding carefully into his chair he felt only bitterness. What if their ship still had an engineer onboard before we-? he wondered, What if we still could have…? What does it matter… It's all over now…

David reached for the intercom, he exhaled heavily before picking it up.
"Jon… Garland didn't leave behind anything to drink, did he?"

The intercom crackled in response, only picking up static until finally a hacking voice coughed:
"You… You touch ma stash n' *cough* n' I'll kill you."

Hello! The story is interesting but you should follow another format: Doing it by sector. There would be 8 parts and it wouldn't drag on as long.
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Re: FTL The Final Voyages of the U.S.S Kestrel

Postby Dropbare » Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:17 am

I completely Disagree! This story is the most captivating and interesting story I have read on this entire forum.

Please keep doing what your doing because it's fantastic!

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