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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.3 + Hotfix [The ??? Update, Part 3]

Postby DDarkray » Tue Nov 03, 2020 3:08 pm

I’ve been playing with MV mod for a while, and so far I quite like it! However, the one thing that’s pretty annoying is when I land on an empty beacon, and I have to go through a long series of clicks to get to the “search for extra scraps“ button. It’s objectively better than the “do nothing” button (since there’s no downfall), but it takes like 10 clicks to get there.

It would be nice if this can be more streamlined. I would like that option in the first page and not have to manually select which crew member to do that task.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.3 + Hotfix [The ??? Update, Part 3]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:36 pm

Glad you're enjoying the mod!
As for the scrapping thing, I'm not entirely sure how that would be changed to still fit the way the menu navigation works currently to be honest. However, we've been considering changing the option though to not just be free stuff, since it's a been unbalanced to just get free items every time you get an empty beacon.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.4 + 3.13 [DOUBLE UPDATE: Ancient + Free Mantis Updates]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Nov 08, 2020 6:27 pm

Ancient Update Part 3 and Free Mantis Revisit are both out now!

Code: Select all

3.13 Changelog - NO SPOILERS

Added the Hunting Grounds.

Added 6 new Free Mantis events.

Added hostile zoltan encounters to Free Mantis sectors.

Added Free Mantis Elite ships.

Added a generic Free Mantis crew type.

Added elite Free Mantis crew called Free Mantis Warlords.

The Free Mantis cruisers now have Free Mantis crew.

Free Mantis events that refer to Free Mantis now actually use Free Mantis crew for it.

Free Mantis Pheromones now also heal crew partially when teleporting, but increase suffocation speed.

The Pheromones that start on the Free Mantis cruisers is now a locked augment.

Increased the length of the Zoltan Deleter

The Free Mantis ship at the sun no longer surrenders.

Decreased the cooldown of the Zoltan Deleter.

Adaptive laser has 2 shots but damage increases by 0.5 with each shot.

Modified the Free Mantis C sprite. It also now starts with a radical instead of a devotee.

Free Mantis can no longer use cloaking.


Fixed some tpyos.

Devorak triggers Zoltan blue options now.

3.12.4 Changelog - SPOILERS


Added the Obelisk Homeworlds, and its corresponding events.

Added more Ancient Auto-ships.

Added the resistant room mechanic. If you see dark grey rooms with an R icon, it means they won't take system damage from weapon shots!

You can now see the Ancient wrecks at the Harmony event when that event is encountered.

The MFK Gunboat Ace now uses the MFK Artillery Laser.

Added the Ancient Sentinel Drone.

Ancient Player ships now have the Hypercharged shields instead of Zoltan shields.

Cognitives no longer lose skills when cloning.

The Engi Harmony now has a min sector of 4

Anointed Lanius ability cooldown now refills on jump.

Decreased the cooldown of ion stunner mk 3.

Energy 3 uses 3 power now.

Removed the mining beam from enemy weapon lists.

Modified Defense drone hover-over tips to be more clear.


Fixed some tpyos.

Removed the disclaimer from the detective.

Fixed the missing door on Engineer B.

Fixed Duskbringer Assault offset.

Fixed the Phaser Mk 2 animation.

You can no longer jump away during the Ancient Deadnaught fight.

Fixed some missing store text in the Ancient Recovery Site

Fixed Ancient A's miniship saying it only has 25 hp.

Fixed Bishop Pheromones revealing enemy crew.

Fixed the audio delay on Plasma guns.

Fixed some missing doors on Augmented C.

Fixed several vanilla encounters still spawning vanilla ships.

Fixed Ancient loot transports using the Augmented transport instead.


Updated the credits a bit.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.4 + 3.13 [DOUBLE UPDATE: Ancient + Free Mantis Updates]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:31 pm

Released a hotfix, doesn't fix anything major but there were a few misleading typos and an annoying event bug that should be patched now.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:20 am

Multiverse version 4.0 is out now!
It was a long wait, but hopefully it's worth it!
You'll have to download hyperspace 0.5.5 for this to work!

Also note, there have been weird reports from some people of stores crashing. I cannot seem to replicate these on my end, so if anyone encounters this, please be sure to report it with as much information as you can provide.

Code: Select all


Added Hyperspeed (not to be confused with hyperspace) and related augments.

Added the mission report menu, which lets you view various achievements you've accomplished during your run at empty beacons.

You can now scan crew biometrics at empty beacons, revealing ALL stats about them, even those not mentioned in their description.

Created a new menu screen.

You can now always use empty beacon options after killing guard ships. If an ASB is active, it will also disable.

Finally added the crew dialogue for phantoms, radicals, radiants, sentinels, free mantis, warlords, bishops, Haynes, and Devorak.

The default MV Cruisers all now have new sprites.

After your kicking, screaming, and pleading, and especially despite the results of the prior discord vote, titanium system casting has been removed from regular lanius enemies (but not welder ships)

Added a new "Rebel Threat" mechanic, that determines the chance of MFK Aces spawning in certain sectors.

Added new music to Coalition sectors, courtesy of JumboCarrot, and Ghost and Shell sectors, courtesy of PDTM.

Options in the crew socialization menu now link back to the socialization menu instead of the main storage menu.

You can now talk to and tame the Equinoids.

Energy Amp 4 now increases ion damage as well.

Decreased the amount of scrap given by certain resource selling events.

Massively reduced evasion on hacker ships.

Added new sound effects for pierce lasers, light lasers, particle lasers and energy cannons.

Redid all Auto-Ship layouts.

The engi and mantis fights at Harmony links are now optional and with elites. Also removed the boring free drone or dronepart events.

Separatist sectors now spawn with Harmony Links as well, though with different events.

Redid several Coalition layouts.

Added brand new MV Rebel ships.

Ghosts and Phantoms can now heal in fire.

Devorak now provides 2 power instead of 1.

Guard reinforcements now actually give a decent amount of resources when defeated.

Slug Saboteurs now sabotage faster by default, and even FASTER while cloaked.

Greatly reduced the amount of hull repairs you get after defeating certain bosses.

Trapper Encounters now only spawn in unique sectors, and are optional fights. However, the ships are a little stronger to compensate.

Added new Separatist loot and the loot transport encounter.

Added Trapper encounters for Separatists, Lanius, Rock and Mantis.

Added 2 more ancient auto ships.

The brood now has its own weapon list.

Removed the "Default" mode of toggle drones.

Added some more blue options.

The Anointed's boosted state now lasts 2 seconds longer.

Devorak can now convert zoltans to devotees, peackeepers to radicals, and monks to regular zoltan.

Added another outcome to the Slaver crew kill event.

The Anointed now gets full cooldown on each jump.

Decreased the damage Orchids take from fire. Also increased chieftain refill rate and health.

Improved the Lanius Trapper and Fighter sprites.

Enemy energy amp pwr2 and pwr3s now use 1 more power.

Swapped the respirators for Shield booster on Civilian A.

Sectors can no longer have nebulas at their start beacon to not mess with hyperspeed.

Added Orchid pirates.

You now get an extra storage check at the start beacon.

Breach Bomb now has the same stats as vanilla breach bomb 2.

Added some more text to the Drop Point exit beacon rebel encounter.

You can now open Pandora's box during the event you get it from.

Added a new auto-ship.

You are now provided an empty beacon opportunity at the last stand.

You can now gamble AND look for tuco during the same event.

Supply beacon ship encounters are now optional fights. You can also now do empty beacon options at them.

Increased the amount of resources some supply station outcomes give.

Modified the pirate selling engine upgrades for fuel event to have an extra dialogue option after you choose to fight him.

The Coalition Cealaformer boss now also has a teleporter and clonebay.

The crew of Coalition ships now spawn in designated places. Coalition ships now always have a suzerain in place of a mantis as well.

Added the Separatist Mothership and Transport.

Removed some storage functionality for various augments which already have effects.

Modified Mantis B to be a bomb based ship.

Modified Kestrel B's sprite and gave it 4 light lasers.

Modified Civilian A's weapon settup.

Lanius C now has an extra bar of weapon power, 2 more reactor power, and cloaking to start.

Added the Rebel Multiverse Cruiser.

Bishop B now has a defender instead of a regular engi.

Kestrel C is now a human boarding ship.

Rebel B is now a fire based ship.

Added Monk C.

The Cherri Bomber now gives a unique weapon when defeated.

The Plasma replicator can now duplicate phantoms as well. It also only spawns in Abandoned Sector or Haunted Nebula stores.

Mace 2 now uses 4 power again.

Sniper now does 2 base damage.

Reworked the dead slaves event a little.

Decreased the amount of missiles the Orchid Cruiser boss has.

You can now give the Orchid children during the Orchid gift quest.

Crystal pirates can now be found reguarly.

Coalition and Zoltan/Dusk Pirates can no longer spawn in early game sectors.

Gave Separatist crew the new nano-toggle ability.

Increased the number of stores in Separatist Sectors.

Increased the number of jumps given by the Engine Overdrive Capacitor mk III+ to 3.

Added the Fire Starter laser.

You now always get Ryley after getting shot down in the water planet event.

Suzerains and Bishops now extinguish at the same speed as regular mantis.

Guild Cruiser A now starts with more missiles.

Lost Sun ships now have outcasts instead of regular rocks on them.

Completely changed Separatist C's gimmick

MFK Aces in the Obelisk Homeworlds have been buffed.

Reduced Symbiote explosion damage.

Buffed Radiant combustion stun chance and heal rate.

Abandoned sectors now play shrike as their main theme again.

The comatose robot is now a hidden augment again.

Particle laser has a new projectile.

You can now feed the Anointed ancient crew drones and defense drones.


Fixed a lot of tpyos.

The Infested Sector and Jerome Protecturate are now jumped to via hyperspeed rather than the exit beacon of the sector they're found in.

Cleaned up crew socialization and reworked the Last Stand options to be based entirely on hidden augments. This also fixes the looping issues where you could go to the standard menu through back buttons to circumvent certain things.

Fixed the Activator not using fuel.

Fixed Free Mantis appearing in ancient stores.

Fixed the Carnage not being detected by defense drones.

The Toggle/Amp drone selection no longer shows unless you have a toggle or amp drone to use.

The special system update menu now only displays if you have a system with a special upgrade.

Fixed Cognitives not detecting other lifeforms.

Slug Gel no longer says it can repair 2 damage.

Fixed the gambling machines not looping.

Fixed Spider B not having missiles.

Fixed the catalyst option of the plasma replicator still giving a fleet jump.

Storage check menu options are no longer blue.

Hacked Civilian sector is now garunteed to spawn with 3 broadcast stations.

Decreased Frost Laser cooldowns.

The Gatling Barrel fight now always spawns a Suzerain Mothership.

The Tom event now always has a rebel pod outcome, which gives a soldier.

Removed the take damage when teleporting part out of the free mantis pheromones, since it wasn't working as intended.

Fixed Free Mantis guard giving a hive mantis.

Fixed the ancient ruins at the star not starting fires.

Fixed the cultist pirate encounter starting hostile, and also gave it non-cultist crew.

Fixed buying map data from the traveler's booth not actually giving the data.

Fixed the Equinoid death animation.

Fixed Ancient Cruisers not having 10 crew limit.

The ASBs now stop firing after winning in the dogfight event.

Fixed the spider B crew max label saying 15 instead of 16.

Fixed Free Mantis outpost blue option checking for hive mantis still.

Fixed the Free Mantis pheromones suffocation value.

Free Mantis miniships now use the Free Mantis icon instead of the regular mantis icon.


Updated the discord integration.

Due to suspicions of causing the rare nebula sector crashes, you can no longer explore at nebulae exit beacons (at least unless its confirmed to be something else).

Added a trigger to the start beacon to detect non-Multiverse ships and set them up to prevent compatibility issues.

Reorganized autoBlueprints.xml

Reorganized hyperspace.xml

Fixed the internal ID of seperatist to be spelled properly as separatist.

Trapper events have been moved to their own file.

Added our Nitro Boosters to the credits.

Added an invalid option to load for options that should not be clickable.

Removed the _A suffix on engi ships.
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Postby Mositron » Sat Nov 28, 2020 3:47 am

Thy hyperspeed travelling between the sectors seems kinda buggy!? You can select previous sectors in that menu for example.
Aloso the ancient sector quest bug (infinite loop with "crotch") is still there.

I also find a bug with the event where you can choose between three rewards and when you choose the extinguishers you get the fire suppression augment.
Anyway, i had only one augment at that time but the window where you need to drop one augment appears and i couldn´t get fire suppression augment into the second or third augment spot on my ship.
As i dragged them over the to the first augment place to switch them the augments changes positions, still can´t use the second or third augment place on my ship.
As soon as i switched the augment´s again (wanted to keep the automated reloader and vent the fire suppression) the reloader dissapears.
Sorry, a little bit hard to describe as a not native speaker :D

Great update anyway, love especially the explanations for the sectors and the "quest log".

Edit: As i am playing right now, i encountered the augment bug also with the event where i have to choose if i help the lost sun or the rocks. Got the Backup DNA bank as a reward and the same thing as mentioned above happened, maybe a general problem!?

Edit²: And again, got an augment and i cant install it on my ship as it dissapears if i want to drag it to the spot...
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Nov 29, 2020 1:28 am

Augments are bugged because of hyperspace. Not that long ago (as of this post, like an hour or so) hyperspace released a patch for it, and Multiverse is about to release an update in a few moments.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Nov 29, 2020 1:50 am

MV version 4.1 is now out!

Code: Select all


Added the Slug Royal Nebula and its related entrance quest.

Added the Knights of Nights.

Added the Knighted Cruisers.

Added Slocknog and Nights + their related empty beacon options.

Added more Orchid children blue options because I hate myself.


Coalition ships no longer spawn with an extra slug.

The Ancient guard now gives a weapon for crew killing.

Ruwen gives a sentinel instead of a crystal in his initial offers.

Removed the 'enemy in room' req on zoltan monks temporarily because it currently does not detect mind controlled friendlies.

Engi Facility event gives a defender instead of a regular engi now.

Reordered the clone cannon menu a little.

Removed the disclaimer about socializing with crew.


Boss Shields now scale based on sector.

The Ember Cruiser (Boss) no longer has a guardian drone.

Gave Kestrel C a dual laser.

Increased Separatist C's weapon power to 3 and shield power 3.

Increased the speed of phaser ion projectiles.

Nerfed the Lanius Transport.

Recycler missile now does 2 damage.

Reduced cluster missile cooldown to 20s and radius to 100px. Cost is also now 120.

Ion Charge Stunner is now a second longer per shot.


Fixed some tpyos.

Removed all instances of <removeFirstBeaconNebula/> due to hyperspace issues.

Fixed the droppoint exit crashes if controlled by the fleet.

Fixed the Slug Scout and Jailer not having any drone parts.

Fixed discord integration not working with guild cruisers.

Fixed Coalition Elites only having slug crew.

Fixed ghost blue options not working.

Fixed auto surveyor crash.

Fixed Jerry triggering alien blue options.

Fixed the Dusk Cap not using the right background.

Fixed Augmented B and C still being listed as assimilated cruisers.

Fixed investigating the black market guard not removing the ASB.

Fixed the missing defense drone on Proto B again.

Fixed the fire starter appearing in ancient stores.
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Postby Mositron » Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:21 am

Nice :)
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 4.2 [The Augment Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sat Dec 05, 2020 4:26 am

4.2 is now out!
Don't fret, though the menu still says the Heist, thats only because this update has no banner.

Code: Select all


Many augments no longer appear in stores, but are rather hidden augment upgrades you can make at empty beacons. Ships that had these as regular augments now have them as hidden augments.

Jobs are no longer something done by crew specifically, but rather an entire sub-menu of their own.

Added 2 new zoltan ships and a zoltan trapper encounter.


Added many new blue options, courtesy of JerC.

The Rebel attacking Engi event now gives murderbots instead of medbots.

Removed storage check options for augments that no longer exist.

The Zoltan and Lost Sun blessing is now a hidden augment. The Monk ships still start with it too, but also as a hidden augment.

Special race augments are now locked when they start on player ships, but are also stronger.

The Commando missile option was removed in favor of providing an alternative for trapping the fleet.

The Butler drone now uses 1 more power, but periodically stuns enemy crew, and is also now toggleable. The butler drone reward has also been moved to the final surrender of the pleasure barge rather than the first.

The Prototype Cruiser has been moved to a different page to make room for a new ship that'll be coming soon.

Soldiers now upgrade engines cheaper instead of shields, Saboteurs can now upgrade hacking cheaper instead of mind control, Peacekeepers can now ugprade the reactor, Radicals can now upgrade the clonebay, Sentinels now upgrade doors, and Radiants can upgrade shields.

The Auto-Purger now drops the special 'matchbox' laser, The True Prophet now drops the divine repair drone, and the Ion Deterance Prototype now drops the Chain Phaser.

Moved the repair drone option to the repair task.

The athiest rock event now gives outcast crew.

Moved the clone cannon menu to the weapon storage check.

Added the kleptocracy logo to Clairvoyant ships


Reduced the amount of damage or repairs to 10 when opening Pandora's box.

Increased the sealant speed of Slug Gel.

Reduced Kestrel B's starting missiles.

Buffed the Pleasure Barge boss.

Nerfed Repair bots (again). Buuuut, the cost is also lower.

Buffed Free Mantis pheromone damage to x2.2

Updated elite upgrade costs to be 10 less scrap instead of 20 less scrap.

Suzerains move at x1.5 move speed again.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed Auto Sector reinforcements having a quest marker.

Fixed Pirate Dusk Trapper spawning as a regular pirate encounter.

Fixed the shell spy event giving a human.

Fixed switching Pest to breach mode giving you a hellraiser.

Fixed there being no decline option for the spider queen egg laying option.

Fixed Nights and Slocknog not triggering the special crew socialization menu.

Removed the hyperspace mission report disclaimer.

Fixed the missing doors on Knight C.

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