2 unrelated semi-interesting pieces of trivia

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2 unrelated semi-interesting pieces of trivia

Postby jerrythomas » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:00 am

Two pieces of gameplay trivia, one is slightly useful, the other probably not. If anyone else has similar small facts please let me know, cause I have no idea where else to gather this kind of thing. Thanks! flats for sale in thane west

Time Pods are immune to collision damage from killed enemies. Normally if you'd deal lethal damage to an enemy and also knock them into another unit/building, that unit/building would take collision damage. However if they move into a time pod as they die the pod will not be destroyed. 1 bhk in vikhroli

If Archimedes (with his move-after-shooting special ability powered) kills an enemy and with that kill earns a promotion and gets +1 move, his second move is only the number of spaces he could make before the promotion.

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