Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

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Re: Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

Postby Gidoza » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:41 pm

Brain explode. :(

Well let's think of it another way.

Most CE people use AE and play on Normal I presume. Which means the Normal DLC should be the standard, right? (Does picking Normal generate anything else?) I could make an Easy DLC and Hard DLC with slight adjustments to each in case someone is playing on Easy or Hard, which is certainly possible - but I need both of these no matter what, because if I don't have them, the ship just won't show up if a person isn't playing on Normal.

However, since most of my designs are intended for AE and actually use AE weapons, they wouldn't even work if someone selected non-AE, anyways. So do I need any non-AE versions at all? Or does the game crash for some reason if they're not there even if they're pointless?

Hopefully the answer to these questions can sort out my confusion enough to have an idea of what I'm doing. :P
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Re: Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

Postby Queen_Six » Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:17 pm

Hey, I love this mod and joined the forums just to comment on it!

First of all, is there still some active balancing and/or bugfixing work done? Because I spotted a few things: (Playing with just AE content.)

1) The description of the healing nano-bots says "reverse-engeneered". Should be "reverse-engineered".
2) From glancing through the xml files, it seems like Beam II and Fire drones can't spawn on AE flagships, is that intentional?
3) The vanilla flagship has 4 drones in stage 2, but it seems like the randomized one only has 3? At least, the description only mentions 3 of them.
4) Last, my most recent flagship had a skeletal layout, that was quite noticeably off-center. Here's a picture:


I'd be happy to provide more detailed feedback, if there's still some active work done.
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Re: Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

Postby Marinealver » Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:10 am

Any chance of reloading the boss weapons and what they do?
Warp Drive or Hyperspace?
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Re: Flagship Randomizer 1.29 for AE, ACE and ACE Infinite

Postby Chrono Vortex » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:01 pm

Not sure why this doesn't already come with a file to run the jar on Mac. I wrote one myself to make it a little easier:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/pagrn4w2c1h4k ... mmand?dl=0

Sticking this in the same directory as the FlagshipGenerator.jar file and running it should execute the randomizer without issue. In order to run it, the following command must first be entered into the terminal:

Code: Select all

chmod u+x /path/to/FlagshipGenerator.command

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