Hotkey "Right Click Modifier" issue [MacOs]

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Hotkey "Right Click Modifier" issue [MacOs]

Postby Lowenson » Sun May 17, 2020 1:26 pm

it's been some years since I played FLT last time, now I'm just restarting and I still love it!

System MacOS High Sierra, Latest FTL AE version (1.6.12)

In the Configure Hotkey Dialog, I adjusted the Right Click Modifier, so I can use left CMD key (called "LEFT META") instead of SHIFT keys.

This DOES work whenever I use the touchpad-click (=>it will simulate the RMB)

BUT: when I use hotkeys (I do this usually), like the "1" for weapon-activation/deactivation or power-activation/deactivation, or the crewmembers, it won't work. I can activate with "1", but not deactivate with CMD-"1"
Instead, I still have to use the SHIFT key for that (to deactivate/reduce) (SHIFT-"1")

On the other hand, to remove power from weapons/shields and such, I need to use the CMD, SHIFT won't work.

If this is intended, how can I find a good solution for me? The Shift Key is in an awkward position on my keyboard, and it seems to be the only available binding for these controls (deselection)?

thx Lowenson

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