Can't influence previous progress/saves

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Can't influence previous progress/saves

Postby Cronkonium » Fri Dec 27, 2019 1:52 pm

I have had Faster than Light on this laptop previously through a different launch server. However, I just grabbed the full game with advanced edition on Epic Games Last night for free during the Christmas Give-Away. After playing for hours then realising there was a problem I then constantly attempted to retest the game's ability to save with varying administrator privileges or verifying game cache, etc..

However, despite all of these things, I am unable to alter these two filed (the ae_prof & continue).

I even tried making a new folder after moving and even deleting the old one (deleting is just moving to the Recycle Bin however). But then no new files would be created on 'Verify' nor 'Reinstallation'.

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