Clonebay keeps screwing me over!!

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Clonebay keeps screwing me over!!

Postby jadugargomes » Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:26 pm

So I was on a decent run with the Mantis C, and I had a boarding crew of lanius, mantis, and slug. Then I came across an AI ship with both mind control and good weapons. It was going smooth until the lanius I teleported over got MC'd and started repairing the weapons instead of breaking them. First I tried shooting a stun bomb at their MC system. Missed. So I send my mantis and slug over because I didn't want their weapons to go live. Would've been fine if they died except the AI ship decides to ion bomb my clonebay at the worst possible moment. Run practically over.

This isn't the first time either. A very similar incident with ion bombs happened on an Engi C run. On a Zoltan C run, I jumped into a random beacon with an intruder event. 3 guys warp directly into my clonebay and literally take it out faster than my guys can run over to distract them. You can imagine trying to fight invaders with a bunch of squishy zoltans and no clonebay.

I don't get it. Does the clonebay just suck? Should I pay up the scrap to get medbays on the C-type ships? Am I doing something wrong, or are my runs just getting killed by terrible luck?

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