[Gameplay issue] Grinding for highscore

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[Gameplay issue] Grinding for highscore

Postby LNQ » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:54 pm

It's problematic that you can farm for a better score by destroying rebels. This distorts scores gotten without pointless farming. Since you only gain 1 fuel for a kill against the rebel fleet, it doesn't make any sense to attack them after they've reached the exit beacon.

My proposal would be to give 0 score for all rebel fleet kills, instead of the normal scoring you get for destroying a ship. Otherwise highscores are just a question of how long you bother to jump around in sector 7 killing rebels (it's not hard to get a ship essentially impervious to the rebel ships).

For clarification, here's a discussion I just had at a thread about highscores:

Targetstar wrote:
LNQ wrote:
Targetstar wrote:I find it funny, 1st time i actully got to the boss, i got 5680 (yes on easy), but the 4th and 3rd time (i actully killed the boss both time) is still lower than the 1st time

How did you end up with that high of a score? I played a couple of times with easy trying to get new ships and both times ended up with score in the high 3000s.

well at Sector 7... i just camped... untill i got bored.... unfortantly, 1st time, no repair station >.> (they were captured by 2nd turn), so i was screwed....

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