Tales from the Watchers

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Tales from the Watchers

Postby 4n4rch1st » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:05 am

A thing I'm doing where I follow the story of a group of people off on an adventure, but from other people's angles.


Three teenager humans walked down the main corridor of a station. It was more like a city inside, big enough to fit buildings, albeit mostly abandoned ones due to a pirate problem. They looked around for a while, before moving on to another section. Moving swiftly, and almost nervously, the only thing they were getting were odd stares from the less violent 'citizens'. Everyone wondered what two boys and a girl, all wearing shades, were doing there, especially at one of the less reputable districts. Only an engi had the courage to meet them. All the while he was walking towards them, all he could notice was the large bag the girl carried. He wondered what it held. Finally, he reached the trio of humans and spoke.

"Local group of human = 3. Unit wishes to inquire reason for current location. Current district is rated extreme danger. Even if only 10th most dangerous place in station."

The girl removed her sunglasses and replied promptly.

"Huh? Why are we here? Just searching for info, that's all. And there's more danger than here? My team almost got nabbed by a small time gang near a "low risk" area. And by nabbed, I mean killed. We aren't taking anymore risks." She turned back to her followers. "We'll have to get back to our ship before we stumble on any more trouble."

"Unit has additional question. Require name of item/s stored in bag"

One of the boys snapped back at the engi.

"None of your buisness, nosy."

The girl cut him short, interupting with her own message.

"Oi! This engi must have been brave to go and meet us, Derek. Don't make him feel bad after such an act," she snapped back, before turning to the robot. "And you ask what's in my bag, eh? I'll tell you, if you can answer one of my questions." The engi looked on intently.

"Do you know a person named Lynda? Or Yvonne?"

He shook his head sadly.

"Shame. I was hoping I could get something from here. We'll depart soon. Oh, and for what's in my bag of mine? Just some family pictures."

The girl pulled out some photos to prove her point, before putting her glasses back on. The engi was still suspicious at why the bag was so big, but decided against asking more about the bag, and instead pushed his final inquiry.

"Affirmative. Last question. Unit-JUKA wishes to leave current habitat. Current happiness = 5%. Possible happiness travelling with you and accomplices = 95%. Unit is specialised in fighting. Requires new name to replace current. Acceptable?"

"Hm. We could use an engi on our team. You're on. As for names... how about Jukoda? As in someone specialised in Judo. A form of fighting."

"Approval achieved. Resetting alias from JUKA to Jukoda and beginning work under new command. Open to instructions."

Derek and the other boy in the group expected resistance on the way back to the ship, but they encountered none, and were certainly not venturing deeper into the station after what the engi, now named Jukoda, had told them. They and their new friend had boarded their ship, The Willow, and were soon at the next beacon.
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