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(FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:34 am
by 4n4rch1st
Welcome to Lakibar Station!
A rest stop at the back of beyond


This is an RP based around a newly made station orbiting around the planet named Lakibar. Taking place approximately 2 years after the Federation's victory over the Rebellion, it follows the hijinks of its owner and his friends as they try to run a station near the back of the Federation's territory.

-No unfair situations (such as "character instadies for no reason")
-Don't be mean to others. It's ok to disagree though, as long as you don't attack the person.
-Try to stay within the rules of reality
-Enjoy yourself!

Character sheet
(Fill in these details about your character and post them to join)

Name: (Insert Character's Name)

Species: (Insert Character's Species)

Age: (Insert Character's Age)

Skills/Profession: (Insert Character's Skills/Profession)

Physical Details: (Insert Character's Physical De- ok I'll stop)


Other Details:


Anybody is free to join as long as you fill out the Character Sheet!
Thanks! ~ 4n4rch1st

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:35 am
by Jumbocarrot0
You're not submitting a character?
Also what is the station for? Based on the slogan it seems to be a relaxation centre of sorts.
Anyways here is mine:

Name: Garnarg

Species: Slug

Age: 23

Skills/Profession: Finance

Physical Details: Normal slug, slimey yellow with brown stripes. Produces more slime then usual, making him louder then a normal slug.

Personality: He can be very dedicated to his work and ignore others while concentrating, often lashing out at those who interupt him. But in his free time can be a very friendly guy to talk to, if your friends with him he will even try to not read your mind.

Other Details: In his free time he likes to bring up how the Federation is corrupt and stealing public money for themselves, you know the usual rambling. don't ask him for favours for anything outside his profession, he has some skill at repairs but that's about it. Extreamly well trained in the art of deception, trickery and psychic powers.

Backstory: Garnarg was born on a slug pirate ship. Growing up he was taught the pirate trade and how to organise your money, be deceitful and improving his psychic abilities, all of which slugs are very good at. When his ship was destroyed at the age of 18 by a ship named The Kestrel he was one to the two people who managed to escape, the other being his younger brother. Since that day he swore to himself to never let the Federation succeed for their actions towards him and many like him. With his surprisingly good finace skills however, it was easy to find work. Eventually he was offered at job at

Lakibar Station
The rest stop at the back of beyond

On a side note: someone make a banner for this, or else I will make a poorly made one with GIMP.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:38 am
by 4n4rch1st
Jumbocarrot0 wrote:You're not submitting a character?

Whoops. *Ahem*

Name: Jack Callum

Species: Human

Age: 21

Skills/Profession: Leadership

Physical Details: Brown curly hair with brown eyes. Has tons of freckles on his face. Thinner than normal humans. Quite charismatic.

Personality: Cheerful and quirky. Often says random things for comedic effect. In reality, though, he's just hiding his scars of the past...

Other details: Quite scared of heights. Allergic to grass, but doesn't want to go to the doctor to fix it.

Backstory: Not a lot is known about Jack's early childhood. Only he and a few others know about it. His schooling years were well documented, however. Gaining straight As in leadership, he was the first choice for the locals as to who should run
Lakibar Station
A rest stop at the back of beyond
even though he was quite young.

Jumbocarot0 wrote:Also what is the station for? Based on the slogan it seems to be a relaxation centre of sorts.

Well, in my mind, the station, along with many others at the time, had been built by the Federation to help the region it is in to avoid the power vacuum caused by the Rebels. Lakibar is a rest stop and the repair place for ships going to and from more dangerous places, and acts as a semi-guard post. However, past its Federation construction and its starting funds, it has nothing to do with the Federation and is run by other parties, in Lakibar's case, local government.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:19 pm
by stylesrj
What a coincidence that I'm watching Deep Space Nine and planning to also watch Babylon 5?
I dunno, could be fun to do a Stations Job mixed with the antics of DS9...

Name: Slocknaw
Species: Slug
Age: Adult (Nearing his 40's)
Skills/Profession: Piloting
Physical Details: Slocknaw looks like your typical, unassuming Slug with yellow and purple colouration.
Personality: A very happy and friendly Slug who is probably best encountered at the bar for maximum friendliness. However he knows that it's best to fly mining rigs or shuttles while sober.

Other Details: Has very little in the way of mental powers. He could probably resist a Mind Control attempt but he'd be lucky to even get a person's surface thoughts if he concentrated. He also carries a personal cloaking device he acquired during his adventures and has used it to great effect for stealth ambushes and the like.

Backstory: At a young age, Slocknaw was left stranded on a desolate moon with his brother Slocknog. The two did not get along very well as Slocknog would lord over him with his mental prowess while Slocknaw's powers diminished from lack of confidence.
Eventually though, Slocknaw was rescued from that moon (The Captain probably didn't guess the number of moons correctly hence why it was only him and not both) and raised by a Federation family that taught him many things like loyalty and friendship, at least according to their worldview. When the Rebellion started taking colonies and enforcing a pro-Human agenda, Slocknaw went to the Federation Academy. He graduated as a skilled pilot and was assigned to various shuttlecraft jobs before the Engi Brigade took him aside as part of a joint venture to test-fly a prototype Stealth Cruiser called the Nesasio.
Entire stories could have been told about the adventures of that ship and how it did great things alongside the Osprey and the Kestrel.
Once the war was over however, the Brigade took him off his assignment and despite glowing recommendations, never got a chance to fly another Cruiser. He spent a year jumping from shuttle job to shuttle job when he was offered a job at
Lakibar Station
The rest stop at the back of beyond

Slocknaw still holds his loyalties to the Federation but frontier work was probably what he needed more than anything so of course that's why he's on the station. He started drinking when various travellers would listen to his stories of the war and buy him drinks and he decided to keep it up as he had a story or three hundred to tell.

So essentially Slocknaw is your friendly war veteran barfly... who also likes to take a shuttle or runabout or a mining rig out to some planetoid or moon or asteroid. In the event of combat, he knows how to hide himself and lay ambushes. He's considered a weakling by Slug standards but by Human standards, this guy is a hero.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:48 am
by AI41
Name: Gyldi Auren
Species: Human
Age: 29 (physically. Gyldi has messed with genetics, and passed her mind through one or two other bodies to get her knowledge.)
Skills: Gyldi's a technician, a geneticist, an artist, a doctor. Signed on as medical officer.
Details: Blonde hair, pale yellow tshirt, dark yellow jacket and boots, yellow troyusers.
Personality: Hard to explain.
Backstory: Gyldi took up genetics in her first life in an effort to live forever. Succeeding, she abandoned that body and moved into a young yellow zoltan's body for another life. Cloned her original and moved into it as her Zoltan got old. After finishing her schooling, she signed on the Federation medical forces, despite hailing from a rebel core world. After the war, she drifted for a while before picking up a job at Lakibar.

I know my character is a little over the top, but hey. They can't make or transfer to a new body without the right equipment, and Lakibar probably doesn't have it.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:08 pm
by 4n4rch1st
Jumbocarrot0 wrote:On a side note: someone make a banner for this, or else I will make a poorly made one with GIMP.

No need to do that:
Text in progress

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:59 pm
by Jumbocarrot0
Good job, better then I could do.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:04 am
by 4n4rch1st
Just wondering, how many people in this would be good?
Also, if you type anything not in the story (comments, questions about story) put it in another colour

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:06 am
by Jumbocarrot0
Right now we have four, I'ld say that five is a good number, maybe six at most.

Re: (FTL RP) FTL: Lakibar Station

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:20 am
by 4n4rch1st
It looks like nobody else is joining at the moment. Should I just start this now?