Haven't played FTL in a loooong time. 3rd(or so) attempt, and a lucky victory

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Haven't played FTL in a loooong time. 3rd(or so) attempt, and a lucky victory

Postby kekkers » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:22 pm

When luck is on your side, you just relax and enjoy the scenery...

...while your enemies scream and panic as they try to dodge at least one of your 50 shots you just fired at them in a second.

flagship 1st stage defeated, kestrel just chillin near the federation base

The crippled, half-dead monstrosity jumps into the system as you wonder how this thing pretty much defeated the Federation alone. You attempt to contact the flagship as soon as they're in range.

1. Oh well, let's just finish them off
2. (Vulcan, Burst Laser II, Burst Laser II, Upgraded Weapons, Automated Re-loader, Automated Re-loader, Automated Re-loader) It seems like you've got some white flags in your cargo they could use, ask them if they want to trade


You contact the flagship. "Hey guys, no need to fight. Let's trade! For only 15.99 scrap you'll receive one white flag that you can use to surrender in style! Trust me, you won't regret buying this item. With an additional cost of 4.01 we'll provide flag waving services so you can surrender even when you're too scared to move your arms!"

The flagship crew looks stunned, some of them become even less happy because they know that surrendering is not an option. "Die, federation scum", says the captain of the flagship without any enthusiasm.

Well, at least you tried. You power up your weapons as you wonder who coded up the matchmaking system in this game.



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