First game in six months, on easy, with CE

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First game in six months, on easy, with CE

Postby agigabyte » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:31 pm

I decided to play Osprey and go with my four usual crew names (Jacob Pomeroy the Human, Sem K'Latis the Mantis, Rocky (Short for Rolknyosarnaka) the Rockman, and Ensign Ferry the Engi). I ended up at Sector 8 with 8 crew, six missiles, 3 shield bars, 7 engine power, 6 weapon power, a BL3, an Ion Blast 2, and a Pegasus.

The first flagship battle ended with me at 2 missiles, having taken extremely minor damage. I was surprised at how well it had gone, especially since my Engines were hacked pretty much the entire time. During the second, I was at half health by the end, several fires throughout the ship. My weapons were disabled and the Drone Swarm was about to attack. This was it. Game ov- oh hey Artillery. Nice job. I got four more missiles, replacing the remaining two that I had used. The Flagship jumped away from the base, and I went to the nearby repair station, also receiving two more missiles.

I went back to the base, engaging the Flagship. After a harrowing battle, my Artillery won the day a second time, ridding the ship of its remaining two health.

At the end, I was under half health, every room with no system breached, no missiles left. My weapons were disabled. My Engines and Piloting were down. My crew were badly injured.

Thankfully, all the fires got put out by my three Engi, my Rockman, or Breaches.

33 Combat Kills for one of my 2 Mantises, who was stationed in the Piloting room as a guard, nominally, but ended up running all around the ship.

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