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Re: One final chance: An FTL-RP

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:17 am
by I_am_person
So just to be clear dyno this post was irrelevant, right?

Re: One final chance: An FTL-RP

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:27 am
by Frosty
Whyte could not decide if the next morning had flown by or dragged on painfully slow. She had done nothing of interest: woken up, dressed up in her new uniform, packed for her departure, and attended role call.
Afterward, she sat down to breakfast at the cafe on-base. A couple of her fellow soldiers congratulated her on her promotion. All in all, it had been a good morning.

Finally, Whyte made it down to terminal B-112, per the instruction of one of the space traffic-controllers. Apparently the ship that was to receive her had made a speedy, sudden arrival.
Wonder if they're running from something, she thought absently.
A drone loaded her belongings onto the cargo teleporter within the terminal. As the ship landed, the building was permeated by a faint burning smell. Repair drones that had once laid dormant now descended upon the ship. An automated hail was made to the newcomer: "Greetings, Federation vessel. Welcome to VV Cephei Federation Military Academy. Complimentary repair drones will now service your hull and damaged systems; please stand by."
Seems they overworked their engines.
Whyte didn't dwell on the thought much.

The ship powered down and finished docking with the terminal. Whyte's gaze flickered briefly to the cargo teleporter as her bag disappeared into thin air, or so it seemed.

Whyte took a deep breath, and then let it out slowly. She took one last look around the academy that she had called home for the last five years before stepping onto the crew teleporter.
"Please remain standing on the teleporter until teleportation is complete. Commencing in three... two... one..." it droned.
This is it!
Her world went dark as everything faded to black.

And then suddenly, the world was white. She was in the pristine, gray and white entrance hall to the space ship that had just docked. Whyte reached for her ID card to swipe to unlock the door in front of her, but it slid open by itself. Whyte quirked an eyebrow but pocketed her ID without comment. She straightened herself out and marched through the door proudly, with a polite smile.
The glowing form of an AI was waiting for her. Behind it, Whyte thought she heard the swishing of doors. The other crew members must have been going about their business. She then figured that the AI must be the leading figure of the vessel, and turned her attention toward it. Or him, rather.

She had rehearsed the next part in her head several times. She wanted her introduction to be perfect: formal, dignified, and with the confidence of a captain.
"Good day! On the behalf of the VV Cephei Federation Military Academy, welcome to our sector, VV Cephei. I am Captain Whyte Oakhart," she said brightly. She extended a gloved hand to the ship's leader in greeting, smiling. "It is an honor to be invited aboard your ship, captain. I believe that our future as a crew shall be a prosperous one."

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Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:37 pm
by Chickengames
The ship jolted and turned suddenly, the artificial gravity slightly behind the sudden movement. Kr slid backward, then up in the air a few inches before coming back to normal. He was slightly dizzy entering the engine room. "I guess you didn't need anyone in here for that." I might as well stay since no one is manning these. Kr approached the terminal and saw several bars moving and numbers changing rapidly. He stared blankly, not knowing what any of the bars and numbers meant. It was then he saw that there was another screen displaying totally different things. The controls were also some of which he had never seen. There were several buttons, two levers, and what seemed to be a joystick. Thankfully nothing that he couldn't handle with claws.

Just then the ship came to a stop at a station it seemed. A few things were loaded, but the station didn't seem to be a civilian station. Kr asked over the comms: "What're we getting here?"

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Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:55 am
by stylesrj
Tabitha thought about leaving the ship and getting more food supplies... and maybe a few spare replacement shield coils considering her abysmal skills at operating the things properly and how much damage they kept taking from combat. She grabbed her jacket and threw it over her civvies and headed for the airlock when someone else came onboard. Didn't think we were picking up new crew, she thought to herself, I wonder what...
She then saw the Captain's insignia on her uniform and stood at attention with a salute, shouting "Captain on the deck!"
She then muttered "If anyone still has proper respect for protocol around here..."
"Ensign Tabitha Mia" she introduced herself and rattled off her serial number and current ship assignment; "I mainly run the kitchen here. Pleasure to meet you Captain."
She looked at Quintet's avatar "Quintet should be able to show you around and get you settled in, Sir"

In a future society would we call female Captains "ma'am" or would we just called everyone "sir" because well... why not? Easier that way and perhaps for infiltration purposes, knowing the gender of the officer in charge might be bad?

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:50 am
by dyno101
Quintet sealed the airlock as soon as the new crewmember walked in. He turned on the ship communicatioms and hijacted her headset for use on his private signal.
"You know what i just did? I just stole a crewmember. Out of pure luck."
The ship undocked from the station and jumped away at once with a well-repaired ship.
"My name is Quintet model 1.0. You may have heard of me from the 'Dangerous Subject R' training meetings. I'm on a quest to stop the final rebel advance at sector 10, and we're nearing the end of sector two. Welcome aboard."

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:33 am
by Frosty
i would think that humans at least (can't speak for other species) would've moved past issues with gender in the armed forces a long time ago in the setting of FTL. i play Captain's Edition and the mod uses "sir" and i don't mind lol. it does make things simpler.

Whyte nodded at the avatar that had introduced himself as Quintet. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. Your quest is a noble one and I am honored to assist in any way I can. I have extensive knowledge in strategy and battle. It seems we have a long way ahead of us with no shortage of combat... it is truly a shame that the Rebellion refuses to be quelled," she finished with a note of sadness. Her smile had dropped to a small frown.
I wonder if there will ever be peace within our universe.

She brightened back up as a blue-skinned humanoid walked into the room and promptly stood at attention. The young woman began listing off her credentials and Whyte nodded attentively. Her gaze flickered briefly to Quintet, who didn't seem to be responding to the ensign.
"At ease, Ensign Mia," she said. Her polite smile made it back to her face. Military protocol was something Whyte understood. A bit of familiarity in a world that seemed to be changing very rapidly.
"Comm-- Captain Whyte Oakhart," Whyte introduced herself, stumbling slightly over her newly-received title.
You're a captain now, act like one.
The ship jolted as it FTL-jumped away from the station. Whyte stumbled but caught herself as she got used to the movement of the vessel.
"As you may have heard, we have just left the VV Cephei Military Academy. That is where I did my training. It's a very rigid academy, but we of VV Cephei are a proud, hard-working people," she stated proudly. "It is truly an honor to take part in such a mission as yours."
Whyte paused. "You mentioned that you are a cook? That is not a common talent where I am from. I hope we can learn much from each other," she complimented.

Whyte stopped again to think for a moment. "Did I catch a Mantis over the comm a few minutes prior?" she asked.
There must be other crew aboard the ship. I should introduce myself soon.

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:45 am
by I_am_person
Cathos reeled back in his chair, jumps completed. Exhaling loudly in completion, he turned on his microphone again. Grabbing a bottle of Jones Soda while at it with his other hand. Having stayed silent to concentrate, he was already getting conversation withdrawal, especially because of the new, 'captain'. Curious, he sent Quintet a private response.

"You're not seriously going to give up your command, are you? How'd you even get us assigned to somebody as like that?"

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:06 am
by stylesrj
"I feel like there might be some conflict of leadership" Tabitha remarked, standing at ease as per regulations dictated. "Hopefully though you won't get caught in too much of a fight with Cathos. He's currently our pilot; pilots tend to get rather protective of their job and if they're not in charge, they like to think they're in charge."
She smiled at Whyte's compliment "You'll enjoy what I'm cooking sir. Although it's probably going to be Space Whale again. We bought a lot of it on one of our shopping trips."
She followed after Whyte as she presumably went to introduce herself to the crew "I used to be a chef back on my homeworld. A nice distant colony under Federation protection. Then the Rebels took over and demanded I stopped serving non-Human customers. The details of my response to such a request can be found in my file."
Too bad I don't have my old hunting rifle, she thought to herself, Bloody good gun.

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:34 am
by Frosty
Whyte smiled as Tabitha spoke. However, she found it hard to concentrate as seeds of doubt were planted in her mind.
I think something is wrong here.

"Conflict..? Of leadership? What?" Whyte stammered.
She took another moment to process what was going on around her.
A captain that is very much not dead, a relatively full crew, a CAPTAIN...

Whyte collected her thoughts and took in a deep breath before continuing. "Do you mean to tell me," she began carefully. "that this is not Federation vessel S-0210 'Wrath of Ares?' I was assigned to step in for their newly-deceased captain. Your captain seems very much alive. I think there has been somewhat of a mix-up."

She glanced out a nearby window but the VV Cephei binary system was surprisingly nowhere to be found in the dark expanse of the sky.
"Where are we now? Should we not return to the Academy?" she asked, now worried. Whyte reached up and began surfing through the radio stations on her headset, but when she reached that of her home, she was met with nothing but static. Her heart sank.
This was not good.

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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:13 am
by Chickengames
No one had spoken over the comms in a while, so Kr decided to see what everyone was doing. The ship had jumped suddenly after a short stop, so maybe they had stolen something. He left the complex engine terminal and walked up to the port airlock where Tabitha, one of quintet's drones and another human were standing. He walked into the room and saw a panicked looking human female in some sort of officer's clothing. "Who's this? A new crew member, or did we kidnap her?" he said jokingly. Looking to the new arrival, he asked "What's your name?"