Oxygen - A Fictional Story

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Oxygen - A Fictional Story

Postby SkyfoxGM » Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:10 am

The meeting was short and fast and what had to be done was done.

"Listen Blake take the Missiles, But you need to pass up the secret Information" Shirra Whispered

"Fine, Better then being with an Outpost doomed to the Rebel fleet." Blake Nodded
"Make sure the Rebel's don't get this Info, Destroy it if needed.

The air was getting thick in the abandon space station. The two Captains parted to there ships.

"Shirra, Hurry the station's Pressure is Dropping at a critical rate and the Life support is Failing; According to Accounted scans." Bits Stated

Both Engi and human entered the ship, the airlocks closed with breeze.

"Oh fresh air." Shirra gasped
"Quickly Power up the reactor, Thrusters full. We need to leave before its too late" Shirra Commanded

Bits ran to his stations entering he observed the nobs and went to work
The Bridge door opened for shirra as she sat herself down activating the ship and her systems.

The comms blared Dispatching now, Make sure cargo is secure and we are ready to jump as soon as possible

The ship released the grip from the airlocks.
Blake's small fleet Jumps away. Almost if they were waiting for them to have a secure jump.

Radio chatter became quite A few " Full power ready" And "FTL Almost charged" and the ship was ready.

The ships A.I. Began to loose its mind as a ship approached them

"Nothing." Shirra looked around. Then a Rebel ship came out of cloaking

The ship was an Elite rebel fighter its weapons were fully charged
It opened fire to the engines 3 heavy laser blasts to the engine causing deep damage. Then a missile landed near the cargo bay.
It caused the ship to raddle and shake shirra moved forward causing more power to the engines.
But a fuel leak leaded to major damage as a explosion erupted from the back of the ship.

"Uh oh Taking heavy hits to the-" Bits was interrupted as an explosion threw him to a small reactor damaging it he fell.
Fire spread threw the back of the ship and Scanners detected breaches were made.
The ship began to fall apart.
Bits respond!...Over...*No response*

Her heart sank She jumped up and ran to his station opening the door fire engulfed the sight
The air was thin hear and her eyes began to burn and water Air became a priority for her.
She rushed to the bridge The ship was being torn apart from the enemy fire
She saw that in front of the ship the entire chunk hull piece was torn.

The only working part of the engines thrusted the ship to a nearby planet

"Can't fight this one, Running out of Options." She Spat out.

The Enemy ship was attempting a docking procedure when interrupted.

* * *

The Rebel officer looked surprised

"After a destructive hit to the engines no way they are still moving." He shouted

"Sir, the ship is making its way to a nearby planet, With damage they might burn up entering." The crew member stated.

"Not taking the chance." "Board her, Dock with the ship or even destroy everything but the bridge." He yelled

"Data Retrieval Protocols!" He ordered.

* * *

"Oh no, don't like my options..." she began to panic

Never like this she was in life or death choices.

She flipped a switch activating a long range Distress beacon.
Blaster fire shot near the bridge the little defense torn that section off. Life support began to leak out of every hole.
She was desperate
She surrendered.
The ships engines (Or whats left of them) Dropped to 0

Empty Missile launchers 0
She let the enemy crew dock the fire drained from the engineering room
So she entered looking around she'd see bits offline crushed... Dead.

Her plan simple Over charge the damaged reactor causing an explosion large enough to destroy both ships.
Its harder then it sounds.

She placed any missile drones, Gun ammo, And fuel she could find near the reactor.
The prepared an escape pod unique attachment to the ship.

She'd open the escape pod hatch and with supplies, a gun and low spirits
She was ready to launch. But she forgot something. She climbed out rushing to her dead friend
She picked up the Engi and packed him into the pod. She launched when she heard the enemy crew pile into the ship.

The pod launched from the vessel surprising the enemy crew.
Then loosing range she activated the switch.
The ship blew to pieces except for the front of the Federation cruiser

The other ship was thrown far from the ship disconnected enemy crew flew out of there ship. both ships set in ablaze
Scanners detected there life support system was dropping.
The explosion was silent but the light was not it blinded her.
The space then turned dark and became an empty void once more.

She stared at whats left and activated her distress beacon.
"Now to hope and pray that someone somewhere finds this."Shirra sighed.
She jumped up when she realized she did not bring the Data. But then realized it wont be important now
She laughed and sat in front of her screen. The sight of the planet
it was unlike anything she has seen before.
Reaching for the glass she placed her hand on it.

Then pulled back leaving a hand print stained with blood.
Then closed her eyes. Hoping she will get to breath some fresh air someday

On a fresh planet

Not at war

But at peace.

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Re: Oxygen - A Fictional Story

Postby Danielsmith » Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:13 am

Thank you for posting Such a wonderful story!
Great story update.It 's give more more Enjoyment.If you can post another kind of Fictional Story?
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Re: Oxygen - A Fictional Story

Postby jimbox » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:25 am

Great post! Thanks for sharing us! :P
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Re: Oxygen - A Fictional Story

Postby Federation Scum » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:06 pm

Wow, nice story telling. It was really well done!

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