A tale of one cruiser

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A tale of one cruiser

Postby blaeron » Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:25 pm

It was all going so well.

The HMS Blowsup Fast had the Rebel Flagship's back against the wall, with neither side having anywhere to run to.

"Continue firing!"
"Direct hit with all four missiles. Enemy hull integrity at twenty-eight percent. Enemy weapons offline."
"Good. That gives us some breathing room."

"Steven, how ya' doing on the weapons?" went the familiar voice of Ryan over the ship comm unit.

"We're out!" replied the Mantis known as Steven.
"WHAT?!" exclaimed Ryan. "Did we seriously run out of missiles right just now?"
"Affirmative. No repair dock in range." replied Jack the Zoltan.
"Ack... Jump out. Our heavy laser can't do jac-" said Ryan, until he was interrupted.

"A power surge has been detected." boomed the ship's computer unit.

"Well, that is just great, isn't it? Jump out!" exclaimed Ryan.
"Commencing jump sequence." replied the ship's computer.

It turns out that was really all the enemy fleet needed. The Rebel Flagship jumped into the Federation base after the retreat of the Carnelian, and a Rebel victory was inevitable. The Carnelian was hunted down and destroyed soon after.

So how is it? Not exactly a very good work, I know, but I am horrible at writing/typing stories.

Based on a true story of me failing to manage resources and wasting my missiles.
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