the voyage for achievements

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the voyage for achievements

Postby dudester551 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:47 pm

it all started on the engi ship on layout A i had 5 bars in drones 3 drones equipped and 55 scrap i just needed 5 more scrap to get the 6th bar in drones so i could get the achievement for having 3 drones activated at once, doing this would have unlocked the second layout, i traveled to over 5 different places in a nebula sector hoping to get 5 scrap but i couldn't find even 5 i was on the 7th sector so i decide to give up. in the 8th sector i had just escaped from a rebel battle and i had discovered the thing i had been dreading i was badly equipped so i killed my self, but luckily i had got the stealth ship earlier on and to top it all off i got a new high score of 2400 on easy

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