Favorite Ship

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Elven Virus
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Favorite Ship

Postby Elven Virus » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:45 am

What is your favourite ship, and why? My favourite ship is of course, the Crystal B Carnelian the most OP ship in the whole game, its almost broken, which is probably just, as it is so hard to get.
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby 5thHorseman » Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:30 pm

I have several. The DA-SR 12 for its raw power balanced by fragility. The Red Tail for its just all-out guns blazing fun. The Basilisk for all-out mantis boarding fun. The Osprey and Kestrel for that ever-present chance of finding a second (or third!) Burst Laser 2 and just mopping up for the rest of the game. The Shivan with an early teleporter buy for fire boarding insanity. The Carnelian for when I don't feel like even having a remote chance of losing.

Yeah, I have a lot of favorites :D
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William Sstrider
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby William Sstrider » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:55 pm

I'm gonna be honest, the Vortex. So far the only ship I have been able to win with.
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby engi » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:20 pm

do mods count if so the dominator class cruiser if not then the ospery from the immense firepower
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby Arctanas » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:47 am

I haven't unlocked every ship yet but I agree with those who have said the Osprey, the damage is crazy fun haha :lol: , but I also like the Noether, better then the Adjudicator because of the layout. I also love using drones so the Torus/Vortex are great ships, tbh I think every ship in the game is fun to play at some level, I can't wait to unlock the rest of them! :)
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby aaaaaa50 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:25 pm

My favorite vanilla ship is the Noether. Its starting loadout rips ships apart. I usually always play a modded ship, though, so it's been forever since I played it. I actually made a list of my favorite modded ships a while back, though it could use a little more editing...
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby Iranon » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:26 am

Man of War: Fighting dirty with style, and 2 very nice weapons you can't get during the game.
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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby Dirka » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:09 pm

Gentlemen, if I might direct you to this thread:

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Re: Favorite Ship

Postby Ora_unit_SR388 » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:26 pm

William Sstrider wrote:I'm gonna be honest, the Vortex. So far the only ship I have been able to win with.

Welcome to the club of the few people that have done that amazing feat.

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