Wolfboyft, this is for you

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Wolfboyft, this is for you

Postby CrashSanders » Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:07 pm

wolfboyft wrote:
CrashSanders wrote:Nobody here is familiar with this 'thing'. Care to enlighten us?

Nay. A dark past full of hating haters assaulting me deserves to stay as a past! :P Gerroff!

So I did quite a research about Galacticraft forum incident that you are so not willing to remember.
Look what I've found: Click!
And the second one: Click!

Everybody interested please take a seat, have some popcorn and go read both the topics. :roll:

So what do we have? We have a stubborn kiddo, obsessed with some stupid ideas that would please only himself, trying to not to do as Romans do. We have a person that do not listen to criticism from people (i.e. 'haters' that he tend to ignore automatically because they don't like his ideas). The one who smiles at people who are trying to be serious. A child who keep trying to draw as much attention as possible to his 'brilliant' ideas. Who will never listen to a reason because he's too blind to understand, how much irritation and disgust he cause (and that's where so-called 'haters' emerge, the people who cannot endure his attitude).

I cannot ignore him, although I've been advised to be polite and tolerable. But I am interested in seeing good ideas and people in community, not some kiddos who think they are smarter than others. I tried to explain to him that most of his suggestions are impossible unless there is a huge work put in by either developers or modders, but he didn't care. He just said me that 'Oh no, not that Galacticraft forum crap again, save me from this!' and continued.

Wolfboyft, if you would not stop acting like you did on Galacticraft Forums and here, you will never be listened to. Being an attention harvester is not the best way to get people interested in your ideas.

So, for once, just shut up about 'teleporters being cheaty' and listen to big smart guys like Sleeper Service or HeadHunter, someone who actually know how to mod, know what features could not be implemented due to different circumstances, eventually understand that your ideas are mostly impossible and stop whining. And then learn something I understood long time ago: do not come in a certain gaming community just to throw in some crazy ideas that came to your mind. There's a whole lot of suggesters just like you, you are no different, nor you would be ever listened to by devs or modders, unless you have some truly brilliant ideas, which you do not.


tl;dr: I am trying to publicly reason wolfboyft. Wish me luck!
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Re: Wolfboyft, this is for you

Postby R4V3-0N » Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:24 pm

Damnit, I need another bag of popcorn.

Also, good research here CrashSanders.

I just don't want to know what wolf may say next...

"Bombs and missiles are cheaty"
"Suns need to do nothing to ship"
"The O2 system is cheaty"

Wolfboyft, if your reading this, you should learn that your reasons and such are pretty stupid and lame, no one will risk there crew in a shuttle, no one finds boarding hard. Rather you go learn to play, or there is this other cool game for your skill and age level called Dora the Explorer. Maybe your rocket and shuttles are in that game? :)
R4V3-0N, a dreamer.
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Re: Wolfboyft, this is for you

Postby Kieve » Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:11 am

Much as it pains me to do this (and for the record, I do not disagree with the points made here), calling out other users like this just isn't going to fly.

/End of Line.

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