Post your best ship setup

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Re: Post your best ship setup

Postby Mommothazaz123 » Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:12 am


Well, I thought my ship could not get any better with 5 engine and 4 shield, and six shots with hull laser II and burst laser II (unpowered is a hull laser I and Hermes missile).
It had a fully powered artillery beam, and I could switch those four power for level 2 medbay/teleporter.
Then I found the zoltan ship unlock quest. :twisted:
The flagship was weapons practice.


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Re: Post your best ship setup

Postby Bassial » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:28 am

Sadly, no picture proof, but I just finished this run.

Ship: Kestral A
Gamemode: Normal (Advanced Content on)

Chain Vulcan
Burst Laser Mk II
Burst Laser Mk II

Defence Drone Mk 1

Shields: lvl 3 (6 tiers) (fully powered)
Engines: lvl 7 engines (5/7 powered)
Weapon: Maxed (fully powered)
Drone bay: lvl 4 (2/4 powered)

Cloaking: lvl 3 (fully powered)
Oxygen: lvl 2 (1/3 powered)
Medbay: lvl 2

Helm: lvl 3
Doors: lvl 2
Sensors: lvl 3

Reactor: Maxed

Scrap Recovery Arm (in Sector 7 :? )
Weapon Pre-igniter
Automated Reloder

4 Humans on systems, all maxed for respective system
1 human and 1 rock as repair/ anti-border/ the-flagship-just-mind-controlled-my-pilot crew

I think I took 5 damage in total in the final fight..Chain Vulcan + Supporting Burst Lasers = Death to all who face me.
Even a ship with 2 Mk II Defence drones. That ship was annoying.

PS: I think I have to say that I prefer this set up to an all burst laser set up, but a double chain Vulcan to this set up as well. Reason being is the high rate of fire. It is possible to cloak dodge out of a lot of damage with burst lasers. Not quite as true as with the Vulcan. You can dodge a round or 2, but they will be on top of you again as soon as you de-cloak. I would go ship to ship with anybody with that set up, especially a double Vulcan.
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Re: Post your best ship setup

Postby salandit » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:16 pm

Recently got an Engi B run with 2 Flak II's (and a Flak I to boot). Not the most stable setup, but is it oh so satisfying to hear the solid crunch against the Flagship's hull.
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Re: Post your best ship setup

Postby zozian » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:13 am

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