So what are your predictions for the next Subset game?

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So what are your predictions for the next Subset game?

Postby tyresebro1 » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:58 am

Still often playing both FTL and ITB, sometimes I just can’t stop myself from wondering... what are the Subset guys working on right now? Is it gonna be a roguelike-like again? Will it even be from the genre of strategy? Will it be set in the same time and universe as the previous two? I often think that I would really like a Subset city/colony builder game, something more micromanagement-y than ITB but still with combat, like a mix of tycoon games and Starcraft.

But it’s true that it doesn’t sound very Subset-y. They don’t fit into genres, they make them. This makes me so excited because I’m sure they will come up with something glorious again. Also another thing that just crossed my mind is that the first game was 2D, and the second was semi-3D (with the use of isometric geometry). Do you think there could be a possibility for a 3D Subset game? That would be real sweet.

Anyhow, I think it’s almost certain that SG3 is gonna be beautiful, replayable, have an amazing soundtrack and be sick as fuck.

So what do you guys think? Do you have any predictions for the upcoming game? What are your fantasies, realistic or not?

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