What are your favorite ships, even if they're not the "best"?

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What are your favorite ships, even if they're not the "best"?

Postby ResslerKeen » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:09 am

So I have Lanius B unlocked, and it's a great ship as most would probably agree. However, the most fun, and - sometimes - the most destruction I can have is with the Federation A ship. I think it might be my favorite over Lanius B. Crystal ship might trump all that when I get it unlocked, but for now I have all the other decent ones unlocked and this is my favorite.

I have barely played with Stealth A, and would like to know how it is. It seems like a wholly different play style, and I don't like it so far. Maybe I'm playing it wrong.

Zoltan A seems pretty good, but it doesn't get me excited. The Halberd Beam gets pretty crappy later in the game if you don't get some good RNG weapons from stores - right?

Are there others you guys would suggest I play with a little more often?

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