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LEGO FTL Battle Packs #1 & #2 Are Now Available On Gumroad

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:07 pm
by CrashSanders

Hello everybody!

My Gumroad Store have been updated with two new LEGO FTL Bundles - the so-called Battle Packs!

Each Battle Pack contains two PDF booklets for two ships of the opposing in-game factions, Federation and Rebels.
The first Battle Pack contains instructions for Federation Scout and Rebel Rigger.
The second Battle Pack contains instructions for Rebel Interceptor and Federation Bomber.

Both Bundles are available for $6.

Aside from the PDF booklet, the bundles contain XML files for each of the models, so you can go right away to and upload them as your Want Lists. The site's system allows to instantly pick stores from which to order the parts and will calculate the preliminary cost.

Unfortunately, I can't help further, but at least thank you for reading this post and taking a look at my store.