So... is the forum dead? Is this, finally, the end of FTL?

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Re: So... is the forum dead? Is this, finally, the end of FTL?

Postby Astre » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:26 am

What would you do if you made a kickstarted game at close to no cost, no publisher to respond to, with a minimum team of what, 4 people, and it made you in excess of 20 million $? Somewhow the death of the forums and lack of announcements is not surprising anymore. But yes, the modding scene is alive, and the game is still popular, since you know, it's a masterpiece rated 97 by users and all.
Just imagine one day, you're coding a 2D game with no complex movement or AI logic, no real shader code, nothing that takes actual expertise, and BAM, millions start rolling in. Imagine what you would do. Definitely not bother with the forums. Maybe have a naked night ride in a limo you bought on a whim, with cocaine, blackjack and strippers. But definitely not the forums.

(Disclaimer: this post is a joke laced with frustration at a lack of games as good as FTL, despite all the AAA releases.)

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