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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby JohanBleoak » Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:15 pm

Simultaneous fights. all players jump systems at the same time:

I just want to say this is a beautiful idea and hope you are still working on it!!

That being said, I think the core game mode should be simultaneous play, but when you jump between systems it almost becomes turn-based. So, everyone has to complete what they want to do in one system and everyone clicks "ready to jump" before anyone moves or waits. The team could keep a co-op fleet together for battles like the 5 on 5s that others described, but there could also be quests and reasons to split up to do simultaneous missions. This system would be both co-op- and pvp- friendly. The only flaw would be waiting time in "store" locations.

I'm not sure if mass battles should be 1 on 1 with the same text FTL has about "jump away before other ships show up!". If you (or the computer) decided not to jump away, only then would it become 2v1.The flavor text seems to read that each beacon point is huge, like a solar system. It would make sense for 5v5 battles to start spread out.

Another option would be to add some pilot control options:
- "close distance with a 2nd ship"
- "close distance with a friendly ship"
- "keep away from other ships"
- "try to disengage"
These would reduce your Evade Percentage. The flight path would become much more linear and so you would be an easier target. "close distance" would disengage from current target unless they're actively trying to stay with you.

Throw on some sensor readings for closest secondary target:
- "none in system"
- "in system" (would give you time to loot)
- "in sensor range" (would not give you time to fully loot. They could blow up your first kill if they turn their back to you)
- "in missiles range" (or lasers? drones? I don't know which one would be farthest reaching)
- "in full combat range!"
Your pilot control options would dictate distance from opponents.


TL/DR: simultaneous fights. all players jump systems at the same time.

GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE!!! maybe a minute or so after the other players jump the other players are forced to jump, and everyone has beacons seeing which of their teammates are where on the map. only after all players jump or are forced to, does it RNG for the event. Definitely include EVERYTHING kralosek said.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby Cpt. DeCocq » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:31 am

What You Should Do Is Make It So There is Three Game mode The First, Where Two Players Can Play Co-op Where They Both Get A Single Ship (each) But The A.I's During Battle Have 2 Ships(Or A More Powerful One) In It Works The Same As Regular FTL. The Second One In Witch Two Players Verse Each other In A Single Battle(Or Multiple Rounds) The Third With Four Players(In Witch A Match Making Type Of Thing Could Work.) Two Teams verse Each Other Both Composed Of Two Players With A One Ship Each In A Battle Or Multiple. Also There Should Be Ranks And At The Highest You Can Use A Modded Ship.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby Turtle Sandwich » Tue May 05, 2015 1:56 am

I had an idea to keep the original story, the other player plays as an escort to help protect against enemys and scout ahead.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby chris45724 » Wed May 06, 2015 1:24 pm

i think it would be cool if the fleet was on like a timer and every so often the fleet jumps, but both players are the federation... thats what i think would be cool.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby Ryu » Thu May 07, 2015 12:27 am

I like this idea, I wish you luck with it. Some suggestions I would have is to talk to some of the people who've made some of the really interesting/ large mods for advice and tips about the challenges and ways to get the most of your time, like sleeper service if he/she has time to. Also, it would add something nice to fights if there was a way to have some kind of passive way of taking fire from opposing ships that you aren't actively engaging. Of course, this passive fire would be best coming from A.I ships rather than from player ships, since I'm having a hard time imagining a player passively firing at at opposing ships, especially when another ship is actively engaging yours.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby savysoda » Thu May 14, 2015 6:16 am

We're releasing a game with inspiration from FTL later this year but in a multiplayer world mixed with genere of a few other games like eve online and tiny tower.

Checkout our trailer video on our new site.


Follow on facebook page or beta list for any updates. the game is still in development but over half complete.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby danish10551055 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:25 pm

I think there should be a mode where there are two teams and they have to battle each other. Before the battles player can fit there ships with weapons depending on their ranks and what they have bought. You can unlock ships when you level up. To level up you will have get a set number of kills that unlocks the next ship. The ships have stock weapons, but to upgrade you have to rank up. Levels contain the ranks, for example, 3 ranks in level 1, 5 ranks in level 2, 8 ranks in level 3. Ranks unlock weapons and levels unlock new ships, but to get to the next level you have to fully upgrade the previous ship and get the set number of kills. Also the kill number gets higher the more you level up to make the mod/game harder. Who else thinks this is a good idea?
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby zingzingzingbah » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:17 am

Love the idea of multi-player FTL..
Some great ideas floating around here.

I would love to battle a friend, or random 1v1 with one of MY ships.
and MY ship is selected from my high score list (the ones played on hard), crew and all.
maybe with a limited number of pauses each?

how's the coding going anyway?
any updates?
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby Epsilon Carinae » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:04 pm

I am an innocent ant in an unforgiving world.
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Re: FTL Multiplayer

Postby Lieutenant_Wub » Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:14 am

How about this:

Both players start on other sides of the galaxy (or whatever). They both race to the middle in real time, fighting the usual AI and collecting. When they both reach the middle sector, its like the final sector in Single player: both ships are on other sides and must meet up to fight to the death. If one player gets there first, a time limit starts and the player who got there will start shooting the other players' base. After either 5 minutes or so (your choice), or the first player destroys all 3 bases (which have defenses), the second player loses.

I call it Crash Course, but you can rename it.

PS: you don,t have to, but if you could include my name in there somehow, you would be literally the best person on the globe.

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