What about CO-OP, Multiplayer or MMO?

General discussion about the game.
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Re: What about CO-OP, Multiplayer or MMO?

Postby jep » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:40 pm

I don't even forum, either. At last we've found some common ground.
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Re: What about CO-OP, Multiplayer or MMO?

Postby CrashSanders » Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:16 am

Nobal wrote:hmm so i said idea and you attack like little kid. Forum is aboud ask a idea and consulting about it how it works (sry for english i do my best) not like NO this is stupid idea, go home etc. . . i dont even forum :I

Well, your problems that you cannot maintain the discussion the moment you are being 'attacked' and called 'kiddo'. And please, spare me from further drama. I do not say that this is stupid idea, but by writing the particular post (which I quoted if you haven't noticed) you showed no respect to those who try to explain that your idea is wrong. Not bad, nor good. Just. Wrong. Out of place.

And yet, you try to turn the situation into absurd by doing out-of-place jokes. That's what looks like trolling to me, when someone try to be reasonable and you answer with joke, totally destroying the context.
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Re: What about CO-OP, Multiplayer or MMO?

Postby cicobuff » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:36 pm

Nobal wrote:
jep wrote:If every game could "live forever", what would be the point of new games?

but only one thing what i said, and you think i want ruin this game is ´´co-op´´ can be good idea to create more fun to this game.

You forgot to mention First Person Shooter mode. Because no discussion about enhancing FTL can be complete and serious without mentioning the awesome FPS mode that can be added.
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Re: What about CO-OP, Multiplayer or MMO?

Postby Raoslin » Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:52 pm

If I may say something: Co-op, cool, brilliant idea, explosions are best shared with friends, etc. etc. IF the single player mechanics gel with the thought of more than one player at a time, which FTL's do not. The ability to pause, target, open fire, rinse and repeat until dead don't seem like they would exactly gel with co-op. Same-ish with KotOR (oh please let someone know what that is), which is a pausable (pauseable, pauseble, bleh) tic-based RPG, probably not the correct terminology but whatever. It transitioned to MMO format, and it lost it's soul in the translation (Kieve, being right since... I don't know how to carry on that joke). It lost one of it's more core mechanics, and for the most part it's companion mechanics. Off topic complaint, sorry. Point is, somethings transition well to multiplayer, others do not. FTL does not, plain and simple. I'm probably copying someone verbatim on this, sorry if I am. Preemptive edit: I haven't played much of TOR, KotOR's MMO, so I might be majorly wrong here. :lol: Anyfiddlywhatsit, my point still stands. I'm new here, so forgive me for the inevitable mistakes you may see.

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