FTL 2?

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FTL 2?

Postby yomer123123 » Sat May 18, 2013 11:04 am

I am wondering.. Will there will ever be FTL 2? while the first game is great theres not a lot to do in it...
yes there are 18 ships, easy and normal mode, tons of achivments (I hope i didnt mispelled that...) and a random galaxy each game.. theres only one gamemode... So ye, i was wondering if will FTL 2 will ever be created... i wanted to write what i want to see if there will be FTL 2, but i guess it pointless... any way do you think there should be FTL 2, or not, and why?

(sry for my english) :roll:
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Re: FTL 2?

Postby 966socho » Sun May 19, 2013 8:41 am

It's a frequently asked question, and I can assure you all of the players are begging for more content from the developers. But as it stands, there are no plans for either additional content for FTL, or a sequel game. Note that these two AREN'T completely out of the equation; the devs are just swamped with the artbook and manual for the Kickstarter contributor perks (or so I've heard). So you just have to be patient; perfection cannot be rushed.

The good news is, the devs are looking into a mobile/tablet port, which quite a few players have asked for. Be on the lookout for any info about it (aren't we all?).
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Re: FTL 2?

Postby aaaaaa50 » Sun May 19, 2013 3:09 pm

Also, there's lots of stuff in the mods section. Tons of custom ships, weapons, enemy variants, the Infinite Space mod... Right now there's limits on what can be modded, but the Overdrive project is eventually going to enable bigger changes to the game.

If you just want to look at ideas for FTL 2, there are other threads in the discussion forum you can look around for too.
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