[Code Library] Pawn Move Skill - Compatibility library between pilot and mod move skills

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[Code Library] Pawn Move Skill - Compatibility library between pilot and mod move skills

Postby KnightMiner » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:21 am

This forum post describes a library I wrote to help add compatibility between mech mods adding custom pawn move skills and pilot mods where pilots change mech movement.


Usage - Pilot Mods

This library provides many functions that can be used in pilot mods to automatically call a pawn's move skill, or vanilla logic if the pawn does not have a custom move skill. It is divided based on the complexity of the move skill, as more complex skills require more logic on the part of the mod author.

For more information, see the full documentation on the library's wiki. The page should direct you to the functions you need to call based on your skill's requirements. Additionally, all functions in the library have header comments describing full function usage.

If you use a custom function as described by the library, feel free to send me a direct message and I will add it to the list of custom functions.

Usage - Mech Mods

If your mod does not have custom movement skills, nothing is needed to add compatibility. The library will automatically use vanilla movement code if there is no movement skill.

If your mech has a custom move skill GetTargetArea or GetSkillEffect, you can add compatibility as described on the mech mod wiki page. Note that compatibility is not required for units that do not support custom pilots.

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