[Tweaked Squad] Steel Grapple

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[Tweaked Squad] Steel Grapple

Postby KnightMiner » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:19 am


This mod aims to add alternative ways to play Steel Judoku by adding a few upgrades I felt were missing. Yep, its another Steel Judoku tweak mod, since its everyone's favorite squad to tweak. This mod is highly configurable, allowing to you disable all the changes back to vanilla, or to enable your choice of options.

Judo Mech Rock Throw

If enabled (default), the judo mech is allowed to target mountains with its attack. This will deal damage to the mountain, and throw a rock to where the target was supposed to land. This upgrade provides a way for judo to damage mountains, as that was previously impossible. It also provides another option for blocking vek attacks.

Judo Mech Upgrades

The config file allows selecting between three different options for each of the two upgrades to Vice Fist. These upgrades center around range upgrades, with different ranges illustrated in the image above. A range of 1 is default without upgrades, which is vanilla range.

The first upgrade remains the cheaper upgrade, with the following options:
  • Ally Immune (1 core): Vanilla upgrade which deals no damage to throw allies (default)
  • Range (2 cores): Increases the range by 1.
  • Choke Hold (2 cores): Deal 1 extra damage to an adjacent unit without moving it. Useful for targeting burrowers, mountains, and the dam.
The second upgrade options are more powerful, all options cost 3 cores:
  • +2 Damage: Vanilla upgrade to increase damage to 3.
  • +2 Range: Increase range by 2. Stacks with the first range upgrade if enabled.
  • Strength: Increase range and damage by 1 (default).
In addition to these upgrades, the base range of the judo mech can be increased to 2 using the config. Using this increased range and choosing range for both options allows a maximum range of 5 for the judo mech, which is basically the full map. However, default configuration allows a max of 2.

Gravity Mech Upgrades

This mod adds two upgrades to the gravity mech. Both upgrades can be disabled independently.
  • Time Dilation (1 core): Causes the targeted enemy to attack last. Useful in boss missions to delay the bosses attack so another vek gets a killing blow against it.
  • Directional (2 cores): Allows the gravity mech to push a unit instead of just pulling them.

Confuse Mech

In addition to the other features added by this mod, it also adds a new mech that can be selected in custom squads. This mech has the same stats as the Gravity Mech, but has the Confuse Well in place of Gravity well. It still has Vek Hormones, making it ideal to swap out for Gravity Mech.

Confuse Well is a science artillery weapon which confuses the target. It behaves like a cross between Confuse Shot and Gravity Well. In addition, it has the following upgrade:
  • Time Confusion (1 core): Causes the targeted enemy to attack last. Useful in boss missions to delay the bosses attack so another vek gets a killing blow against it.

The mod config allows disabling the confuse mech, or disabling its weapon being added to the shop.


1. Install kartoFlane's modloader
2. Unpack the archive to your mods directory (<steam>\steamapps\common\Into the Breach\mods).

  • The increased throw range was inspired by Fun Judoku by neozoid. Code for the upgrades is original.

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