[Unmaintained][Balance] Perfected Island Reward

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[Unmaintained][Balance] Perfected Island Reward

Postby KnightMiner » Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:58 am


Into the Breach 1.2 made two changes to shops that make this mod no longer necessary: weapons now always cost 1 reputation, and pilots always sell for 1 reputation. This balances out the perfect island rewards, as you either get a 1 reputation equivalent with the pilot or weapon, or can choose a 2 reputation equivalent in power that cannot be sold.

This mod should still work on Into the Breach 1.2, in case you think 2 power is not enough of a reward. However, I feel the new balance is perfect, so I no longer plan to update this mod.

Original Description

If you are like me, you noticed that for the perfect island bonus, there is no good reason outside of challenge runs to choose grid power over a pilot. Specifically, even if you do not want the pilot, you can always sell them for two reputation and use that to buy two power.


To solve this problem, this mod increases the perfect island bonus power from 2 to 3, giving incentive to choose it over a pilot. On a good run, the pilot will still probably be better, but after a rough island it might be tempting enough to keep your current pilots.


In addition to increasing the power, this mod also adds a random chance to replace the power reward entirely with a reactor core. By default, this is a 20% chance, but using the mod configuration it can be set between a 5% and 25% chance, or disabled entirely.

Technical details for modders

This mod works by overriding CreateEffect to replace effects with 2 power with the upgrade. The logic is written in a way to avoid false positives with vanilla uses of the function, however if you use that function somewhere in your mod you can prevent false positive by setting stock to -2.


1. Install kartoFlane's modloader
2. Unpack the archive to your mods directory (<steam>\steamapps\common\Into the Breach\mods).

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