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Re: NPC Action

Postby 5thHorseman » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:46 pm

101929ha wrote:
5thHorseman wrote:In short, if you're at the point where a Vek is targeting a mine-bot, the mine-bot will not move before the Vek fires.

That is correct, Vek do fire before the Mine Layers move. The problem is that the 'Attack Order' guide says that NPC Actions (i.e. Mine Layers moving) occur before Enemy Actions, when it should have them the other way around.

The minelayers are special. They actually have a move of 0 (so they do move before the Vek, they just don't go anywhere) and then their attack is to lay a mine and then take what looks like a normal move. As they always "attack" first, they do this before the Vek choose their targets and their turn is over. The vek on the other hand target at this point, and then fire later.

I agree it's confusing but it's really the only way it could work. You can't expect the minelayers to every turn have the ability to simply evade vek fire as their default action.
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