Is there a way to force the game to not use fullscreen?

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Is there a way to force the game to not use fullscreen?

Postby rohanpawar » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:32 am

I'm playing the game on Linux w/ Steam Play and for whatever reason on my system the game freezes super hard if it is in fullscreen mode and I try to switch away from full screen mode. Basically, I am stuck on fullscreen mode now. residential projects in mumbai
Is there some workaround I can use? I tried manually editing the "settings.lua" file to say "fullscreen=0", which worked for me in the past, but that didn't help this time. Something is overwriting the flats in mumbai settings.lua file every time I launch the game, and the fullscreen setting is reverted back to "1". The problem persisted even after I disabled the steam coud sync. Finally, I even tried setting the settings.lua file as read-only but the game still opens in fullscreen mode, even if I manually edit the settings.lua file. real estate advisory services

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