Hypothetical "Piracted Copy" detection / Cosmetic Mod

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Hypothetical "Piracted Copy" detection / Cosmetic Mod

Postby Markus_McCloud » Tue Apr 21, 2020 6:38 am

You know how The Swallow (Kestrel C) and The Fregatidae (Federation C) have the pirate symbol and splotches all over them? I was thinking: what if all cruisers had these markings? Even if it was solely cosmetic, It'd be pretty neat seeing all the ships dressed to pillage! ^^

In addition, It'd be kind of a funny way to call out anyone who... ahem... pirated the game. Alas, while we can design and mod in cosmetic reskins, only the devs themselves could add anti-piracy measures like that. ^^;

Because I lack the drawing talent to piratify all 28 cruisers, would anyone be willing to take on such a task?
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