FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby OneRedBlock » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:44 am

Civilians / Engi / Zoltan

Inner Shipyards
Sphere of Enlightment (glory 2 zoltan swag swag yolo)
Imperialist Systems Coalition
Union Systems Penal Colonies (could also be pirates)
The Bastion
New Kantesi

Pirates / Rebels

Union Systems Penal Colonies (could also be civilians)
Lost Fortress Systems
Free Colonies (because rebel freedom)
Vylian Markets

Fyrzon's Cloud
Mantis Proving Grounds (because, y'know, they hunt slugs, maybe?)
The Haze

Couldn't think of any race specific ones, sorry.
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby blipadouzi » Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:32 pm

In my past time, I write amateur fiction... for my most recent work, I created a fictional language. Here are a few ideas for sector names I came up with using my language

Klihoom (means dragon)
Jrid Hehr (means Black Hole)
Lok Kyilsh (means Red Dwarf)

Anyway, if you like these you're free to use them. Any other names you'd like me to provide, just tell me what "terms" you want and I'll do the translations
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Mr. Mister » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:43 pm

Have this, some names to have some variety on the last stand:

Code: Select all

<sectorDescription name="FINAL" minSector="7" unique="true">
      <name>Federation Command</name>
      <name>The Last Stand</name>
      <name>Final Front: IER</name>
      <name>Emergency Headquarters</name>
      <name>Designated Retreat Zone</name>
      <name>Federal Fleet</name>
      <name>Galactic Capital (sieged)</name>
      <name>Codename: Ricochet</name>
      <name>Reassembled Army</name>
      <name>Foxtrot Squadron</name>
      <name>Ally Intelligence Center</name>

And one for pirates' homeworlds:

      <name>Triads of Zebes</name>
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Sleeper Service » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:48 pm

Sorry, that list isn't working (mentioned in the OP? /Edit: OK, put en explicit note there now...). There already are a lot of names for the last stand, but randomization does not work for that sector, only the first name in the list will be used. :( Still going to put them in though, one never knows when they might come in handy. ;)
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby SomeFederationPerson » Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:39 am

Federation sector:

Colonial One
Hidden Federation Colony 410
New Orion Colony

Uncharted Nebula:

Wild space
Pirates Haven

Pirate sector:

Abandoned colonies

Civilian Sector:

Outpost 193

Civilian core worlds:

Colonial cross worlds
Free systems of new Eden

Industrial sector:

New Eden scrapyards
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Anthonest » Mon May 05, 2014 4:29 am

Federation/Hazard Sector:

Major Battleground 08 -WARNING: LEVEL 10 HAZARD-

Ill post my idea for events in this sector, there based off of the events in the evacuation sectors. Those sectors always give me such a rush, i just don't like how after you do the quest and you go to regroup with them they all die and the story for that sector just ends. But i don't know if this would be a hazard sector or a federation sector, but there would be Fed/Rebel battles at almost every beacon.

You arrive in one of the major areas of the war, a large Federation cruiser squadron is stationed here and is conducting repairs with what seems like scrap from... Rebel Cruiser Remnants! A Federation victory happened here not too long ago.

1. Continue.
2. Attempt to contact them.
3. (Blue Option)(Upgraded Sensors) Force a transmission to fleet.
4. (Blue Option)(Federation Ship) Send Mission codes to the fleet.

2a. All your hails are ignored, after a few tries you decide to leave.

2b/3a. The screen opens up with an image of the command deck of a Starfury S-7 Class capital ship, Admiral McNeil steps into view "What are you doing here? Can't you see this sector is a... Wait, it says here on your ship analyse that you have high priority mission codes" He turns too an officer and begins muttering something to him "Your ship appears to be more fit for combat that anything we can offer, your also freelancing level violet so orders from even officers of my rank are not binding, this sector is mostly under Federation control but the fleet following you is about to hit us. will you help?".

1. It is our obligation to help anyone still loyal to the Federation.

2. Explain that it isn't your mission. (Leave)

4. The screen opens up showing a command room of ranking Federation Generals, "Soldier, what were you doing out of this sector-" The second general says something and your com-link is instantly transmitted to Admiral McNeil on the command deck of his Capital Ship. "Your ship appears to be linked with high priority mission code, orders from even an Admiral of my rank are not binding, but we still ask for your help. Were down a few ships and we can't get reinforcements until the sector is under Federation control".

1. "Of course we will help".

2. Explain that it isn't your mission. (Leave)

1/(1, From option 4). "Great! We are about to make the jump to reinforce Dog Company, when we arrive your commanding officer will be Admiral Solomon of Dog Company for the duration of the battle, Cormega Squadron will be dispatched to guard this sector from the coming fleet. Good luck Soldier!". The fleet begins charging there FTL drive.

Quest Beacon Added!

Fleet Delayed For 4 Jumps

You beam in with the Fleet, you see a Rebel Squadron fighting with a dwindling Federation force. Your com-link opens up, Admiral McNeil appears and Admiral Solomon does on the opposite side of the screen, explosions eco around him. "This is Admiral Solomon, Captain." Solomon speaks up "Your first order of business is to take out the Interceptors cracking down on our cruisers, from there we can use our batteries to hammer down on the remaining Rebel cruisers, good luck!" The Fleet collides with the battle.

1. To battle stations!

(Mid Battle) Rebel fighters explode around your ship, you see Federation cruisers turn there batteries on the Rebel battleships. One Federation battery hits a Rebel cruiser critically and it detonates sending debris in all directions. You dodge them and continue to face your target.

(After Battle) Cheers erupt from your comrades. Your com-link opens, McNeil is standing there "Dog Companies undamaged ships are being merged with us, we have our reinforcements but a massive Rebel Fleet still stands in our way over control of this sector, they battle with a few of our squadrons, will you continue to help us?".

1. "As long as the Rebel Fleet still stands we will continue to help."

2. Take your leave. (Leave)

1. "Great we will meet up with you at these coordinates."

Quest Beacon Added!

Fleet Delayed For 4 Jumps

You jump into your fleet, your comrades from the last battle all hail your arrival. Admiral McNeil appears on your com-link, he appears to be addressing the whole fleet "Soldiers, I am Admiral McNeil. Today we are battling several large Rebel squadrons, they outnumber us 3 to 1 but they have sustained heavy damage. Good Luck to all of you, prepare for battle!" They fleet arms there weapons, you begin to approach the massive Rebel Fleet. When the ships begin to fire you dive in head first taking out several fighters before the Rebel Lead Cruiser appears in front of you.

1. Fire at the cruiser!

(Mid Battle) McNeil appears on your com-link. "Excellent soldiers! They have no were to retreat!" Explosions and debris appear all around you, a Rebel fighter fly's straight into a Federation Troop ship. An autoship collapses under the fire of a Federation Anti Ship Battery. The ASB from a Space Station blasts an entire rebel cruiser into bits.

(After Battle) McNeil again hails you personally. "Excellent soldier, Excellent! We have rid this sector of the Rebel Threat. But i must ask what is your mission? Most of the code is encrypted." You tell him about your mission, he thinks for a long time and then speaks up "I must insist you continue on your mission, you can end the war. This is amazing, I will meet with you to sign you off at the next beacon. We will prepare you from the remainder of your mission." He disappears from the screen.

Quest Beacon Added!

Fleet Delayed For 4 Jumps

You arrive at the coordinates he gave you. You dock with a large space station where he is waiting for you personally. He has a long conversation with you and your crew why people load your ship with supplies and a new weapon. When your board your ship a com-link opens and you say your goodbyes. Moments later a cruise missile hits his deck! The cloaked ship FTL's away! McNeil is dead. You have the coordinates of the ship that escaped. You grudgingly charge your FTL.

A Quest Marker Has Been Added For The Next Sector!

REWARD: High-Scrap
REWARD: High Teir-Weapon
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Panic360 » Fri May 09, 2014 4:02 pm

Just a couple of quick ideas:
Pirate Sector:
Forsaken Sector
Engi Sector:
Mass Construction Site
Future-Tech R&D Base
Federation Sector:
Federation Research Base
Human Colonies
Nebulae Sectors:
Astronomer's Nebula
Pirate Controlled Nebula
The Bermuda Pyramid
Mantis Sector:
Arachar's Homeland
Neutral Sector:
Lost Space
Battlefield Wreckage

A massive weapon expansion for FTL: Advanced Edition
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Sleeper Service » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:51 pm

Thanks again for all your suggestions. There is still one more sector typ coming up in the future. Every contribution is appreciated.

Auto Controlled Sector
Style:Could refer to automated production activity, with references to the Rebels.
Possible Indicators: "Auto" "Mobile Shipyard/Mines" "Production/Mining Fleet"
Examples (Custom):
<name>Rebel Production Zone L9</name>
<name>Mobile Shipyard at 80.14.72</name>
<name>Production Fleet "Justice"</name>
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby Estel » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:37 pm

Considering that rebel have some fascist tendencies, a pompatic names like "Liberty Forge" Could do too. For the slightly humorous ones, we could also adapt some names related to communists production propaganda. "Great New Ironworks" comes to mind ;)
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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Sector Names

Postby NarnKar » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:18 pm

But where are all the Lanius sector names?

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